As the weeklong MODA Beauty & Fashion Gateway peeks at us from just around the corner, we thought there’s no one better for us to feature than last year’s MODA Designer of the Year Award recipient Andy Yap. Andy Yap is certainly no stranger to the Malaysian fashion scene, as he started making a name for himself ever since he stepped into Lim Kok Wing University four years ago. He was also nominated as one of our Young Designers to Watch during last year’s TiC Style Awards. Recently, I was able to meet up with Andy for a chat about his newest collection, slated to premiere during the first day of the weeklong festivities. 

You are slated to showcase your new collection during the 2010 MODA show. How do you feel about it?
It’s been a year?! That was fast. Well, since I first started at Limkokwing, I’ve been wanting to win the MODA competition. I remember exactly 4 years back when I was in my foundation year, I couldn’t even enter the MODA show. I tip toed around just to get a sneak peak of the show then. Now I’m slated a slot, I’m honoured and definitely excited!

Please tell us more about your current collection. What can we expect from it?
My upcoming collection is a crazy blend of all the basics elements of art: line, shape, colour, and texture. Through this weird juxtaposition of contradicting elements, I intend to create a sense of bizarre intrigue in the viewers. I’ll leave the rest for the premiere this 20th! 

I heard through the grapevine you have something huge planned for the showcase. Could you give us a little peek?
I always love to challenge myself and I think one of my biggest personal challenges is the ability to work well with someone else. Recently, I got in touch with an old friend of mine from my high school days. He has an amazing talent in video works, so after conferring for a bit, we decided to collaborate and shoot a fashion video that’ll be premiered during the show.

You’ve been exclusively designing women’s clothes in your collections so far. Any plans to branch out to menswear?
Menswear is actually harder to design as it comes with restrictions. I would love to branch out to men’s but only till I master women’s. Baby steps!

What materials do you like working with?
I like working with fur.

Who’s your favorite designer?
No doubt, Prada and Lagerfeld

What do you think you’re the best at when it pertains to fashion?
I’m different, classically different.

Which celebrity, dead or alive, would you want to give an absolute makeover to?
There are too many! But my top choice would be Marilyn Monroe.

But Marilyn Monroe is already the epitome of style! Why did you choose her?
Because her style is so significant, all glamour and stuff, I wanna pimp her up “Bandy” style.

If you had the power to eradicate one fashion item you think went horribly wrong, what would it be?
Haha. Crocs!! Me and my buddies always had a thing against it, but I bought a pair recently because it was so comfortable!!

What is your motto when it comes to fashion?
Beauty is pain; fashion is pain.

What is your favourite method of unwinding after a long day of work?
I love hitting the clubs or having drinks with friends. I know they may sound tiring, but to me, going out and having fun is actually relaxing. Also, I like shopping and visiting the hair saloon for a makeover or head massage!

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I see “Andy Bandy” making it big. Like real big.

Last but not least, Jacob Black or Edward Cullen?
This is actually the toughest question. Can I do Edward’s looks with Jacob’s body? Haha, I’m always in team Edward!!

For more updates on Andy, follow him on his Twitter.

Sneak Peak: Coming soon to Tongue in Chic! An exclusive behind-the-scenes feature of Andy Yap’s avant-garde fashion video shoot!


[Picture Source: Andy Yap]