Armed with a ukelele, a spunky haircut and a tenacious personality, Ooi Ying Nee is an individual with a sense of style that’s as bold as her choice in lip colour (which is very eye-catching indeed). From journalistic beginnings in the publications field to a consultant in public relations, Ying Nee is the driving force behind Commas & Industry, a small agency “manned by women” that was founded by her four years ago.

We were invited to spend a rainy afternoon with Ying Nee and her friendly felines, Disco and Soulja, to capture the essence of her style which is a hodgepodge of retailed basics spiced up with cheeky accessories and peculiars. A master in the art of bargain-hunting, Ying Nee gave us a look into her daily wear, and overall fashion mantra.

Ooi Ying Nee, 28, Journalist turned public relations consultant.

Having coffee with girlfriends: Zara hat and shorts, second-hand shirt from Amcorp Mall, and shoes from KL Central.

Who is your style icon?
There are several. Definitely my mother circa late 80’s and early 90’s, Saffron from the 90’s band Republica (she’s probably why I love loud colours and structured blazers) and The Sartorialist for his amazing eye as well as inspiring and evergreen blog!

I will never be caught dead in …
short shorts and a crop top. I would wear either, but not together!

I splurge on …
clothes! Blogshops! Zara! The instant gratification is addictive! But really, I splurge on comfortable leather heels, jeans and good quality tees.

I skimp on …
jewelry and designer & luxury goods. Nothing lasts long enough to justify paying thousands of ringgits. (Even though I covet you so Marc Jacobs!)

“Soulja”- one of Ying Nee’s beloved feline.

Shoes from KL Central.

Describe your personal style in 3 words.
Relaxed, but lurid and consistent.

What are your personal style rules?

  • Respect the human form. I dress to my size and shape
  • Never leave the house without eyeliner. Well, this isn’t a rule, it’s just a bad habit
  • High-waisted shorts go well with anything
  • Waist-cinching dresses for the win!

What is your most treasured possession?
My MacBook Pro — it ranks as highly as opposable thumbs. It is as vital to me as a scalpel to a surgeon, a cangkul to a farmer … you get the point

Everyday Look: Zara blazer and white top, jeans from Cheap Monday, shoes from October Origins, belt from Sungei Wang and feathered earring from Aldo.

When are you at your happiest?
I am happiest when:

  • I’ve checked everything off my to do list
  • I’ve made sure that when dining with a group of six or more, everyone is seated accordingly to maximise dinner conversation and dynamics
  • I watch cat videos. LOL!

What is your beauty regime?

  • I brush my teeth and shower twice a day. This is so important.
  • I moisturise and cleanse before powdering my face and conceal unsightly eye bags. Followed by sweeping (too much) eyeliner on with an angled brush. You can never go wrong with eye liner. For finishing touches, I touch-up my brows and bronze my cheeks. This takes me no more than 15 minutes. Oh and when I get to my car I decide, while looking in the rear view mirror, which lipstick I should go for. Bad day? Fuchsia? Mengada? Dark red.

What is your favourite scent / smell?
Ginger and/or citrus anything!

Yay or Nay? Printed leggings.
Yay! But maybe not on me!

Matryoshka dolls

Girls Night Out: Top from Black Milk Clothing, shorts from F-Block, belt from Miss Selfridge, necklace from Pop-up Showroom and shoes from Bata.

I hate it when a man
thinks I’m his mother.

I love it when a man
tells me “you don’t have to make any decisions today.”

What’s currently playing on your iPod?
The Xx, Magnetic Fields, RAC Remixes, Erik Satie, Kavinsky and the ‘Drive’ soundtrack

My idea of a perfect holiday is …
backpacking and couch surfing for nine weeks in Europe

What is your go-to holiday staple?
A sewn sarong, long tanks, jersey dresses, high-waisted shorts and a comfy pair of jeans.

What’s in your bag?
“I only buy bags that can fit my iPad.”

From top to bottom: iPad, name cards, pen, Sasa eye-brow pencil, Revlon Colourbust lipstick in Fuschia, Bobbi Brown lipstick in Burnt Red, Rimmel lipstick in Electric Plum, Clinique Happy perfume, tampon, Pacman daily planner moleskin, pouch wallet, vouchers to Whiskey Bar KL, Blueberry handbag.

Follow Ying Nee on Twitter @yingers and check out Commas & Industry’s website and Twitter @CommasIndustry.

Photography by Sharina Shahrin.