Local hip-hop extraordinaire, Mizz Nina is taking over the global music scene in a heartbeat. Starting her journey as a rapper when she was sixteen, this female pop star has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade. Formerly a member of the Teh Tarik Crew, Mizz Nina only started her solo career three years ago with the launch of her first album ‘What You Waiting For’ by collaborating with an American superstar, Colby O’Donis. With her second album, ‘Takeover’ that was recently launched,  Mizz Nina continues to wow us with her amazing talent. Rocking the MTV World Stage with Justin Bieber, Jay Park and Kara this Saturday, Mizz Nina shares her excitement for World Stage and thoughts on beauty, fashion, K-pop in this interview.

Shazrina Azman, 32,  Artist/Fashionista/DJ

Who is your style icon? 
I love Posh Spice. I think she’s got a really great sense of style. She’s so classic, so trendy, very chic. I really like J-Lo as well. She’s ultra sexy. Back in the days when she came out with her first few albums and she wore those three-quarter pants and made them really in! And, I like to watch what people wear on the streets and buy magazines. I like to look online as well on what people are wearing. I actually like to go shopping on this online shop called The Outnet. There’s loads of discounted stuff. For street wear I like to go to Karma Loop. And of course, for other tips, I can go to Tongue in Chic! A lot of the time I like to just buy magazines- I won’t say which magazines. But I lookout to Japanese and European magazines, not only the American ones, just to see what people are wearing.

I will never be caught dead in …
bell bottoms [laughs]. Not anymore! I used to. J-Lo may have made it look nice but I’ve tried bell bottoms and I look horrible in them… I love skinny cuts and loose cut jeans or even baggy ones too!

I splurge on …
shoes for fashion items and if it’s not fashion items, food.

I skimp on….
it depends, could be anything like clothes, bags, anything and accessories too. If I can find a place where they’re giving discounts on it, yeah I’ll go there!

Describe your personal style in 3 words.
Casual, street and chic.

What are your personal style rules? 
When I travel, I like to bring a lot of nude colours so it’s easy for me to match. I’ll always have leggings with me because leggings go with anything and they’re light. Always have your little black dress. That’s like rule number one, right? In case of any dinners or you want to go out or whatever, always bring a pair of heels and a pair of jeans. Everything else can match. And also… wait, these are tips for travelling actually [laughs]!

For your shampoo, always bring travel size bottles and put your shampoos and your cleansers and everything into travel size bottles if you can. It could really save space and the weight as well. So, definitely have your little black dress, your heels and your leggings and any cool loose tops, nude tops that can match with it and have fun shopping! For me, I like to wear things that I’m comfortable in. Always comfort first. If you’re confident with what you wear then you can carry it well and people will see that. You could just be wearing something really simple, but you have to be comfortable with what you’re wearing.

Mizz Nina rocking her fashion must-have – leggings!

What is your most treasured possession? 
Well, I guess I have some shoes that I love so much that I don’t wear because they’re so beautiful and lovely that I only wear them once or twice. And, that’s it because I don’t want to spoil it  because it’s so cantik and you won’t be able to get it again. I have these cool studded boots from Giuseppe [Zanotti]. They’re so cool that you can fold them up and fold them down. It’s studded and black leather and the heel is just so sexy and it’s really nice. It’s like one of my all time favourite boots! I have another pair of boots from Balenciaga. I’m very much into boots, I love boots- ankle boots, high boots,. These Balenciaga boots are like these gladiator boots and they’re coloured, I’ve only worn them once because I really love them. So if there are special occasions I’ll wear them out. Other priced possessions… I have jewellery that are very dear to me. I’ll only wear them out during Hari Raya or weddings. Especially if it’s passed on from my grandmother and mum. They’re really special items that are only for special occasions.

One of Mizz Nina’s treasured possession – her shoes!

When are you at your happiest?
It could be whenever, really [laughs]. Well, I’m really at my happiest when I’m chilling at home, when I know that I’ve done a good job and I have some free time.

What is your beauty regime? 
Everyday I go home, morning and night, I’ll always cleanse. I have my cleanser and my toner. I use this brand called Decleor, which is a French brand, and it’s all-natural which really suits my skin because I previously had acne skin. So, yeah, morning and night, always cleanse, put on your moisturisers and all that. I go for at least twice a month facial, it’s very important as you get older because you got to make sure you get your massage, your face right and all that. And, a massage at least twice or three times a month to pamper myself if I can [laughs].

What is your favourite scent / smell?
I love vanilla! You know the smell of when you go for a massage… I don’t really know what smell they use, jasmine or that kind of oil. It’s really nice. I love sweet smells.

K-pop, Yay or Nay? 
YAY!!! My first all-time favourite K-pop act was Rain. I think he’s awesome. My very first veteran one lah…the others are Wondergirls and of course the ones coming to Malaysia- Jay Park and Kara.

I hate it when a man
go into their back caves. That’s when they totally just seclude themselves from the rest of the world and from me. And they’re just like in the zone, like a really dark zone. I hate it when men go there.

I love it when a man …
give compliments or cook. I think if a man can cook it’s amazing. My husband can cook but sometimes he’s a bit malas to cook for me. But it’s okay, I can’t have everything! [laughs]

What’s currently playing on your iPod?
I’m listening to… Mary J. Blige. I’m listening to some old school stuff actually. Some Jay-Z, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott and of course some of my songs so I can practice!

My idea of a perfect holiday is …
A perfect holiday would be going to the beach for like two weeks. And I would say that Maldives would be the perfect place because it’s like heaven there. I’ve been there and it’s so beautiful. I only had five days there but it was my most awesome holiday time.With the upcoming MTV Worldstage, what can people expect? 
Well, it’s a half hour show and I will be performing my hits, definitely, which is of course, ‘What You Waiting For’ and ‘Takeover’. But apart from that, I have one special song which I have not released anywhere, nobody’s ever heard it. So, I’m specially performing it for World Stage. And yes, it’ll be the debut for this new single. No one’s ever heard it. It’s gonna be good!

Mizz Nina has also just launched her new clothing line, Mizz Demeanor, which she describes as more into the street look “loads of hoodies, varsity jackets, leggings, jeans. and basics”. It’s available at the Doll Store which is in Bukit Bintang and Morning Rocket which is a band shop. So, for all those fashionistas who adore Mizz Nina’s style, get updates on the breaking news on her website, www.mizznina.com.

We sure are excited for it!

MTV World Stage 2012 is happening on 14th July 2012 at Sunway Lagoon with headliner Justin Bieber and other acts like Kara, Jay Park and Mizz Nina.

Photos courtesy of Mizz Nina Productions.