I’ve a confession to make: I don’t wear jeans. Plain and simply, I don’t because I gave up on the perfect pair a really long time ago. I’ve tried different cuts and countless pairs, and nothing really fits me. You’ll understand my frustration, because everyone (from Anna Wintour to Victoria Beckham) knows that the perfect pair of jeans is essential – no matter how crappy you’re feeling, that perfect pair was made to lengthen your legs, pert your butt and effortlessly tap into your confidence reserve. I think it took about a decade of aimless searching before I decided that I just wasn’t made to wear jeans.

Two years ago, Levi’s revolutionised the way women shop for jeans. It introduced a custom fit system based on three distinct body shapes instead of size. I was a skeptic at first, but when I gave it a go several weeks ago, I found the butt I never thought I had – I found my perfect pair. And so have over a million women since it was first introduced in August 2010. Here’s how the Levi’s Curve ID fit system works, more so on the perfect bootcut you’ll ever find.

So apparently I wasn’t alone in my search for denim. Levi’s recognised this common problem, and began a study of over 60,000 body scans to develop a customised fit system that focused on a woman’s shape and her bodily proportions instead of her size. With it, Levi’s identified three body shapes that represent 80% of women around the world – the Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve.

Classifying your curve is fairly simple – all you need is a measurement. Starting at your natural waist (the smallest girth of your torso), measure the girth of your torso four inches down (that’s your hip), and then eight inches down (your bum). Your Curve ID is the difference between the girth of your bum and hip. A Slight Curve would have little difference, while Bold Curves have a greater difference. Levi’s has simplified the process of identifying Curve IDs – you can visit any Levi’s store and seek out a trained specialist, or take an online test here.

In terms of general classification though, women who fit jeans in the hips and thighs but find the waist too tight should try the Slight Curve. Those who fit jeans that don’t flatter the figure are generally a Demi Curve. And those who find jeans that fit the hips and thighs, but gap in the back are probably a Bold Curve. The specialised custom fits were designed to accentuate your greatest assets accordingly, across myriad designs. No matter your shape or size, you can now rock skinnies and straights that will flatter your curves best.

This month, Levi’s will be launching the Bootcut Skinny. Steeped in authenticity and classic refined style, this timeless classic has been reinterpreted with a figure-hugging fit to flatter all curves in a sexy, modern and lean skinny fit. Girls who like their jeans to sit at the waist can go for the Modern (mid rise), while those who appreciate traditional aesthetics can pick the Classic (high rise).

Down to specifics, the Slight Curve Bootcut Skinnies are designed for a straighter body shape. The bootcut will stay slim through the hip and thigh for an overall sleeker silhouette, with a snug fit in all the right places to shape and accentuate natural curves – a modern interpretation of the baggy bootcut.

The Demi Curve Bootcut Skinny was designed with the hourglass-shaped figure in mind. It sports a medium curve from waist to hip, with a slightly smaller bootcut to lengthen the legs.

The Bold Curve Bootcut Skinny is for curvaceous ladies with a defined waist. Slim through the hip and thighs with a medium curve from waist to hip, it hugs the figure to accentuate your greatest assets.

Taking every minute detail to consideration, different washes and finishes were designed specifically to flatter each Curve ID.

Levi’s Bootcut Skinny jeans retail from RM209 onwards, and are available at all Levi’s outlets nationwide.


Image credit: courtesy of Levi’s, freakdeluxe