When it comes to accessories, I like mine to pop and draw attention immediately. However, toeing the fashion-forward/fashion-victim line can be quite tricky and often some of my choices result in derisive stares from others and scared little children. I’ve noticed though that rosettes usually get a murmur of approval. And with good reason – it is versatile while keeping a feminine edge, and more importantly, flowers generally tend to bring out the happy in people.

The rosette design is closely associated to the ribbon prizes horse jockeys win in tournaments. However it is also often used in official badges and medals of honour.

More recently in fashion, we’ve seen the stylized rose pop up in accessories like headbands, fascinators, brooches and rings. It’s a little touch of whimsy to your outfit, enough to attract attention without overkill. There are so many blogs featuring rosettes – from how to DIY colourful ones, to tulle rosettes, to just plain raving about them.

In the fashion blogosphere, we stumble onto some Lookbookers with rosette accents to their outfits:

Hannah J from Ontario wears her rosettes on her ballet flats.

Martha H. wears a beige one on her head.

Anne Marie from San Fran goes more OTT wearing a rosette dress her friend made.

In South East Asia, the trend has been catching on, and there are a number of blogshops that sell rosette accessories.

Dudes and Duchess are selling their Blair headbands for RM10 each.

Blair headband in peach and white

Soak Republic on the other hand, are selling bracelets with rose designs on them!. Total versatility, rosettes can be edgy too!

Fancy Rock Star, RM39

Even Merrier: bloomed, RM29

Not to be outdone, The Hey Hey Hey have some DIY rosette head accessories for sale too.

Band of three: Jed, RM8 / Closer: Lavander, RM12 / Band of three: Batik, RM12

You must admit though, out of all the rosette accessories out there, the most iconic one is definitely the black plastic rings by Anna Sui, who has been using rosettes as a brand icon for years.

There have been many knockoffs, but none captures the essence of the Anna Sui Ring Rouge like the original does. The ring, which features an intricate rose design, holds a little pot of lipgloss inside. The girl scout in me highly approves of this handiness!

You always know it’s an Anna Sui product at first glance because of the beautiful rose. The rose design can be interpreted as symbolic of the natural ingredients used in the production of the make up line. Containing natural botanical extracts filled with anti-oxidants, the rosette serves as a reminder of the goodness you’re applying to your skin!

Moisture Rich Powder Primer / Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation

If you’ve noticed, Anna Sui’s products also usually have a pleasant smell akin to roses. Another reason behind the iconic rosettes perhaps?


Mini Rouge 400

Face Color Accent G

We’ve also seen rosettes appear as delicate additions on some of Anna Sui’s clothing designs.

Anna Sui Silk Ruffle Dress // Anna Sui Metallic Tweed Jacket

How do you feel about rosettes? Any other fashion blogs you’ve bumped into that feature rosettes?


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