So you’ve seen this trend on clothes and accessories, and some of you have tweeted requesting a post on pastel bags, so here it is! June’s edition of Splurge or Steal highlights pastel-coloured Boston Bags (a term used to describe the dome-shaped Louis Vuitton Speedy silhouette).

My Steal is Aldo‘s McMurphy Bag in what can be said as the colour of the season: mint green. While this is such a pretty pastel shade, it may not be the most flattering colour for most of us in terms of clothes, so if you absolutely adore the colour but it makes you look three times your actual size, then opt for a bag in this milky hue instead! What’s more, it’s only 48USD (approximately RM152). It isn’t available yet locally in Aldo stores, but since it’s labelled as a new arrival on their website, it’ll possibly land on our shores soon. If it isn’t going to be available here, you could always get it from the website!

Aldo's McMurphy Bag; Also available in pastel purple

Aldo's McMurphy Bag; Also available in pastel purple. Non-pastel shades include nude and burnt orange.

For the Splurge, I’ve selected Prada‘s Perforated Boston Tote from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Now, I must say, that when I saw this at the Prada boutique, I thought that it looked rather erm … well, unsightly (to say the least) because it sort of reminded me of those reinforcement rings that you stick on after you’ve punched holes in your papers. But then curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try it on my arm. The moment I did just that, all those thoughts about how unappealing it looked literally got thrown out the window. Trust me, this is definitely the case of something that looks infinitely better after you’ve tried it on.

Now, if you’re worried about it being too see-through, the bag comes with a detachable Saffiano leather (scratch-resistant textured leather) pochette (pictured outside the bag below) that can be converted into a mini bag by attaching the clasp onto the D-ring on the other side of the bag. Perfect for nights out about town or even out to lunch when you don’t want to bring your bag along with you. At RM6,000++, it’s two bags for the price of one.

Prada Perforated Boston Bag; Also available in other pastel shades such as Yellow, Pink and Mint

Prada Perforated Boston Bag; Also available in other pastel shades such as yellow, pink and mint

Which gets your vote? The Splurge or the Steal?

Image via Prada and Aldo

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