Since Halloween’s just around the corner, I thought of trying something a little different this week. A simple Google search led me to find that many are predicting a horde of Na’vi avatars and Lady Gagas to dominate this weekend. On the other hand, from Twilight to Zombieland, it’s been a really good year for the undead, which means if there was ever a time to don a Halloween costume classic, 2010 would be it. 

‘Undead’ is a collective term for the living dead, both corporeal and incorporeal. In this post however, I’ll direct focus to vampires and zombies.

Vampires are beings that subsist feeding on the blood of living creatures. In 1897, Bram Stoker provided the basis of modern vampiric fiction with his novel Dracula, establishing vampirism as a contagious disease of demonic possession with undertones of androgyny, sex, blood and death. Its legend was cemented in popular culture with its film portrayal starring Christopher Lee as the Count.

While there are minor details altered here and there, their identity remains the same – once transformed, vampires become a more alluring version of their human self, sporting heightened senses, strength and speed. They’re nocturnal, bed in coffins, transform into bats and probably have some sort of Transylvanian ancestry with a penchant for Victorian fashion. 

As they rolled with the times though, vampires seemed to take a liking to gothic styles.

These days though, there’s a trend in vampires with a more casual, sensitive edge – ones that shun away from sunlight not because they’ll deteriorate into ash, but because they’ll become too beautiful. Ones that retain everything that’s appealing about vampiric powers, but love you just the way you are. 

Ones that dress just like us and sport retractable fangs – making it a cinch to emulate. Being a True Blood vampire even gives you the excuse to always keep a bottle in hand for the entire night!

But if you find it a little boring to dress like you belong in Forks or Bon Temps, I’ve come up with a little vampiric look book ranging from casual to couture.

Day – Balenciaga

Night – Chanel

Sacrificial occasions – Alexander McQueen

And here’s a Hollywood take on vampires. While you’re good to go once you’ve got a pair of fanged retainers on, smizing in the darkest corner of a party will help you win best dressed. Remember to work some ferocity – never let your costume wear you. 🙂

Heidi Klum, Ashley Olsen, Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku

While vampires ooze sex, sophistication and an air of jaded wisdom, zombies are their parallel corporeal undead opposite. Zombies are reanimated corpses that are controlled by someone else through the use of science or magic.

These days though, they’re generally victim to some pandemic illness that left them dumb and destructive.

Zombies usually travel by the horde; running and thrashing about without any real purpose. Humans just tend to get in their way.

And quite unlike vampires, zombies generally don’t really care too much about their appearance. They do however, dress practically and functionally more often than not.

Unless of course, they are resurrected with an inch of a brain. Like Emily.

Or Michael Jackson. Either way though, they’re likely to opt for something more distressed.

Despite not being very interesting creatures at all, zombies have slowly but steadily stolen all the vogue from vampires. It kind of started with Shaun of The Dead and got cemented with Zombieland. While the vampires were out getting soft and even more complex in personality, video games and zomedies put the fun in apocalyptic situations.

Pop Cap even got girls into the trend by having zombies invade their prize gardens.

And you’ve got to admit – since they lack a historic culture like that of vampires, they’re so fun to dress up as! You just have to pick the point in time your character transformed into a zombie! You could be a zombie golfer ala Kyle MacLachlan

A bloodied chef like Bette Midler

A corpse bride like Christina Aguilera

Or even as Lady Gaga!

And here’s how I see zombies being translated into couture.

Day – Alexander Wang

Night – Rodarte

At a Michael Jackson memorial – Balmain

If you’re planning on going undead this Halloween, ask your friends to join in – an army of uptight vampires or sluggish zombies would be a sight to see no matter how you style it! Click here and here for a wiki-how to look like a vampire and zombie respectively! 

What do you think of this week’s icon? Do you think vampires and zombies are too cliched to ever be a cool Halloween costume again? Which style do you prefer?

P.S. If you have in the past, or plan to go as any form of undead being this Halloween, I’ll be happy to include your style shots into this post. Just send them over to! Either way, have yourself a great weekend! 



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