The entire fashion universe has been coveting Givenchy‘s Antigona ever since its debut, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Most certainly a haute favourite amongst fashion editors and celebrities both young and old alike!

Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé

Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé Knowles

Sharon Stone and Madonna

Exotic skins galore: Sharon Stone with the croc and Madonna with the calf hair version

After much anticipation, well, on my part anyway, the Givenchy boutique finally opened its doors last month at Pavilion KL. Though the brand did have its own boutique located at Star Hill for many years before this (I guess this is where you all go “Huh? Really? I didn’t know that!”), the in-store selection back then didn’t really reflect the actual Givenchy aesthetic. Now that the Melium Group has brought the brand under its wing, the actual Givenchy image has been restored, something that wasn’t at all being put across all those years back. In short, Givenchy is back in the game, front and centre. And it has brought the Antigona along with it.

Antigona in Metallic Silver

Antigona in mirror-effect metallic silver; also available in mirror-effect metallic bronze

Antigona in Cream

Antigona in cream

The Antigona is in fact one of the all-time favourites on my wishlist. I’ve always loved Givenchy’s classic piece, The Nightingale, but when this was released, the Antigona won the Battle of Givenchys hands down. Sturdy, structured and sophisticated, the Antigona (in the smaller size) easily takes you from day to night because it just has that magical ability to dress up or dress down your outfit to your style’s content. Perhaps it’s akin to the “one size fits all” philosophy because aside from its versatility, depending on the colour combinations you choose, it can look elegantly office-friendly (in solid colours and the black-and-white version below), while the metallic versions would be a bolder choice. On the other hand, the black with that pop of neon yellow below spices things up just a little, showing your playful side.

Bi-Toned Antigona

Bi-toned Antigona

The Antigona comes in a small and medium size, and retails at RM 6,950 and RM 7,450 respectively.

Antigona in black with neon yellow

I’d definitely go with Cult Classic for this one in terms of shape and style, but it can get rather seasonal if you don’t pick your colours wisely!

Which one gets your vote? Cult Classic or Fashion Fad?


Images courtesy of Givenchy

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