Love the sheer trend but want to add your own swing to it? DIY your own skirt today with your own choice of fabrics! Be it polka dots, zebra prints or some awesome floral motif prints…you decide!

–  2 different fabrics (sheer chiffon + non sheer)
– Elastic band
– Scissors, needle and thread or sewing machine
Safety Pin (to use while inserting the elastic band)

Step 1:
– Prepare the fabrics.

NS: Non Sheer- approx 2metre in width with height as you desire (how short or long you want the inside to be) 

S: Sheer– approx 2metre in width with the height as per fabric.

**the fabric width of both NS and S should have the same measurement.

–  Sew in or Overlock stitch the sides (Left and Right) of NS and S.

Step 2:
– NS: fold up the hem (bottom) and sew to make a thick border.

Step 3:
– Place NS below S and sew the up and sides (Left and Right) together. 

– After that, bring the both sides together and sew a straight line from top to bottom (thus making it a circle) and then at the hem (bottom), sew in for a clean finish.

Step 4:
– At the waist area (top), fold it in (the size will be determined by the height of your waistband) and sew all around while leaving a small space to insert the elastic later.

– Measure your elastic band leaving some allowance space for sewing.

– Insert the elastic using a safety pin into the small space and go around it until it comes out at the other end. Sew the elastic together and finish up by sewing up the small space.

That’s it! Now don it out and enjoy the breeze! 😀