It’s three days till Mother’s Day and if you still haven’t got your gift yet, quell the panic cause we’re here to help! If fragrances aren’t quite the thing and mum is too traditional to appreciate alternative gift ideas, they’re going to love this gift Download the graduate cv form. Afterall, nothing spells love like a handmade gift and this bag is both hands-on and handy!

– Iron-on A4 sheet (available at craft stores)
– Thick white fabric (or a plain cotton/canvas bag)
– Scissors, needle and thread or sewing machine
– Iron
– Printer
– Photo/desired image
– Optional:
decorative buttons, ribbons, beads

Step 1:
– Select a photo, flip it horizontally (mirror image) before you print it on the iron-on paper 마트모어 다운로드.

** You can skip to Step 3 if you have a plain cotton or canvas bag 스카이림 모드매니저.

Step 2 (making a plain bag):
– Measure the size you prefer while leaving space to sew at the corners (with the fabric flip inside out – the wrong side) download msointl.dll.

– Fold it into half, pin, cut and sew the wrong sides of the fabric.

– Fold the corners like so (picture below) and flip it to the right side ace.ova 다운로드!

– Fold in the top part and sew in the allowance space Download the sheet music sea pdf.

Step 3 (iron on):
– Turn the heat up and iron onto the bag Download OneDrive.
– Iif you came straight from Step 1 – you are now done! You may add emblishments like ribbons and flowers to further jazz up the bag pads 라이브러리 다운로드.

Step 4 (finishing up the bag):
– You can use different fabric or ribbons to make the bag handles nvm. (I had PVC for this DIY).

– Place the handles in place, pin it and finish up with a good stitch!

Disclaimer: The quality of the iron-on sheet bag is not excellent but at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts more, right Download Zhang Deok-chul's Crust?

Enjoy making this for your loved ones!

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