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Beyonce’s Lemonade Drop
Here are several reminders of why Lemonade breaks boundaries, and oh, some Beyonce merch to…
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Meanwhile, Johnny Depp dismantles a microphone on the red carpet.
3pm digest: Beyonce’s silhouette on Melbourne’s skyline
Nothing is impossible when it comes to Beyonce.
3pm digest: Zelena is real
What do you think of Zelena? Yay or nay?
3pm digest: Alibaba targeted by high-fashion brands
Plus, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj are "feeling themselves" for their new Tidal-exclusive music video.
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3pm digest: Gosling skips Oscars for Disneyland and Kylie Jenner’s mansion
Today's news, including Gosling at Disneyland instead of the Oscars, and Kylie Jenner's new home.
Trendspotting: Accessorizing Body Art
We have probably witnessed a variety of unusually attractive and even unattractive body art across…
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