I’m a sucker for cuffs. I love it on guys (flashes of hot surfer men comes to mind for some reason), on girls, on the young and the old.  Unlike necklaces and earrings, you can find me wearing wristbands more often than anything else. So when Thirtyfour offered these stupendously, cool leather wrist cuffs for our birthday giveaway, I was more than excited to share them here with you!


Thirtyfour bags and accessories are made from leather sourced from all over the world and I would like to share them here with you. All five of these cuffs are up for grabs and it could be yours by writing us a confession letter. It could be about a boy encounter, an embarrassing situation or even something you saw. Just so, we won’t end up in a sticky situation (read: stealing, cheating and so on), lets keep our stories, shorts and humorous. You know how they say “the truth will set you free”; well your funny truth will earn you a pretty cuff each!

Tile #1, RM95

Tile 02 Blue, RM110


Tile 04, RM150

Tile 03, RM200

Tile 05 Bone, RM225


For example:
I was having steamboat with my family when as I was reaching out to pick a beef ball, my chicken fillet that was loosened by the steam dropped onto the table. My grandaunt who is short-sighted made it worse when she quipped “What a big piece of raw cuttlefish”

I’ve shared now it’s your turn! Don’t leave me hanging, please…



Send all your entries at [email protected], I’m looking forward to reading them.


Image credit: undercover-glamour.com