It has been a trend for a while now, to have stacks of bracelets and bangles hanging on your wrists, and sometimes they might be a tad silly but still cute, like the Silly Bandz craze late last year. However, jewelry designer Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost and her orthodontist sister Jennifer, along with Jennifer’s husband Dr. Marc Lemchen has designed something quite different entirely, partly made up of a preteen’s nightmare and the rest, colourful rubber links!

We have to say that the concept is pretty cool and nifty to make something that almost everyone loathes into something that is relatively harmless and eye-catching. Most people who have come across these Bracedlets have declared their love for this current trend that has been rolling around, and whilst we think it’s a cool idea, we don’t know if we would personally wear them out on a regular basis with our outfits. What about you?

Pros: Looks pretty good stacked together, and it’s definitely unique- not something everyone else probably already has. Colour selections warrants a double take, and you’d never have to worry about it clashing with the colours of your outfit. Would probably work best with casual outfits (ie: cropped top and denim cut offs)

Cons: Pretty pricey for a single rubber bracelet. By wearing it, you risk being seen as a kid wannabe, for it can portray itself as a rather kiddish accessory to put on. Would only work with casual outfits, because if you put one of these babies on when you’re dressed to impress, chances are, you’re probably impressing no one but that kid sitting at the next table next to you at a restaurant.

Bracedlets are available at, and are priced at $4.95 each.


Text by: Sue Lynn