There are definite perks in my job and not too long ago, I got to exercise one of the best of them – a trip to Langkawi Four Seasons with the Levi’s® Malaysia team! So this is how it really feels like living it up!

If you’re in a constant state of wanderlust, then you’d know a thing or two about hotels. Any flagship Four Seasons chain would be on the list of “Hotels We All Wish We Can Afford”. The one in Langkawi was somewhere on the top. The moment we arrived (there were 16 of us from various publications), masseuses and refreshing drinks greeted us against this backdrop.

That is not all! Check out the rooms assigned to us – I say it as though it was hard work – it was hard work not locking myself in and taking advantage of the en suite jacuzzi.

The blue skies and white sand beckons but not before we partook in the fun activities the Levi’s® team had for us.

After lunch, we were given a bag, in this bag, there was a camera, 2 boxes of Instax films, sewing kit, sequins, beads, a notebook and a denim swatch that Nini Ramlan (one of the Levi’s® Curve ID Personalities) painted on. With these items we were meant to fill the notebook with pictures and artwork that “Shape Not Size” meant to us personally. Of course I went nuts!

You can see the rest of the DIY artwork here. Here is my *ahem* masterpieces…

Then they told us there were two surprises…

First surprise was a swanky yacht cruise with a real crew – complete with a Captain and all. We were briefed about the campaign whilst sailing across the Andaman Sea. You can’t tell but Joleyn Chin – Marketing Manager of Levi’s® Strauss Malaysia, was actually trying to suppress her seasickness here as she explains the campaign.

Sabrina from Cleo Magazine

Joleyn Chin (right) – Marketing Manager of Levi’s® Strauss Malaysia

Julie Woon from 8TV (bottom right) who inteviewed guests on the yacht, is a Demi Curve and she’s actually wearing her Levi’s® Curve ID jeans which everyone got as they arrived at the Four Seasons in this picture. She mentioned they were so comfortable and well-fitted, she could sit however she liked in them.

Then when we docked, we were greeted by Levi’s® Curve ID Personalities singer Mizz Nina (bottom right) and producer and artist Nini Ramlan (bottom left). So happy!

Dinner, dessert and bliss – especially knowing that our jeans will fit around our curves no matter how many servings of the sumptuous buffet in front of us.

Whisked away on a grand trip like this can cloud anyone’s judgment on (the reason why we were there in the first place) the Levi’s® Campaign. The trip was a wellness getaway to celebrate the idea of “real women, real bodies” and promote body confidence. I’m not just saying this because I’m high on aromatherapy oils (although the complimentary message was good), but the Levi’s® Curve ID – Shape Not Size campaign is something I firmly believe in and hopefully you would understand why too.

Fact; Women have had body gripes and no matter how much you tell your girlfriend she honestly look great, the moment she squeezes into a pair of jeans, you’re already stringing together a divertive compliment in your head. “That grey, slightly bigger denim looks better on you” or “I think these jeans are meant to make you lose feelings in your nether region”.

Time to quit lying because you don’t have to. Levi’s® has developed a revolutionary measuring system that lets you show off and be proud of your curves.

Zoe from Female Magazine

With the new measuring system, that takes into account your natural waist, the curve on your hips, seat and the slimming of the thighs, now anyone can look amah-zing in all sorts of cuts and designs from Levi’s®. There are three different shapes – Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve which we have explained here.  Aptly called the Curve ID (yup jeans have become personal), past problems like muffin top, love handles and back gaps are eliminated. To follow up on the core of the campaign – Shape Not Size, 10 women who embody the variety of curves and forms women actually came in modeled their Curve ID jeans for the campaign’s visuals. You can see the life-size posters all around Levi’s® Malaysia stores. A bold move considering how fashion is biased towards the tall, slim and perfect but Levi’s® always follow through with their word. These are some of  the ten women who celebrated their curves… *Cough* can you spot any familiar faces here?

Liyana Yusof from spoken word, Dizzy & The

Jeanette Tan

Loo Jia-Wei

Aishah Nordin from That Last Slice

Michelle Gunaselan

The rest you can spot plastered on Levi’s® store windows around Malaysian.

So, what do you think of the Levi’s® Curve ID – Shape Not Size campaign? And have you got yourself measured yet?

Check out more pictures on the Levi’s®  Malaysia Facebook Fanpage