Since  the dawn of Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera has been accused of jacking her look, from platinum blonde extensions to ankle-busting ballet boots. In late 2008, Gaga graciously attributed the scandal as pivotal to her career breakout. When Aguilera’s addressed the comparisons, she said she didn’t even know who Gaga was, nor whether she were a man or woman. It’s been over a year, and eyebrows are still continuing to raise higher. So I thought we’d discuss whether the egg came before the hen today or not, just for fun!

A few weeks ago, Xtina fans tried to settle the Christina Aguilera scandal with this video. It was incredible fair game. It also turned the debate petty, like the Cosmopolitan shoot comparison above. In this case, Gaga copies Aguilera’s art direction.

When Aguilera released the video clip for Not Myself Tonight however, many undeniably saw Gaga’s Bad Romance resounding. 

Gimp pleather masks, pointy eyewear

Ballet boots

White outfits and untamable platinum locks amidst a burning background

Now, Aguilera has always been the sort of artiste who changes her image up along with the times. The only problem is that there’s always someone else doing the same thing at the same time with a little more personality and to greater success.

Britney Spears for example, was marketed the same way Aguilera was in the beginning. They both rebelled against record label restrictions later on to bring mid drifts, straggly hair and visible panties to the forefront of the pop industry. Unfortunately, Spears took the cake for iconicism. 

Aguilera then moved on to embody the ’50s pin up. Everyone agreed she had never looked better. Too bad for her everyone also proclaimed Gwen Stefani a fashion genius for meshing old Hollywood glamour with punk rock at the time.

And then came Gaga. I don’t think anyone can really compete with Gaga right now, at least when it comes to fashion motivation.

Aguilera undoubtedly has certain looks that she can completely call her own. But I have always felt that her persona never exactly shines through her outfits. Which is in my opinion, her biggest problem.

But what do you think? Do you think Aguilera’s a copycat? Or do you think critics are being a little too hard on her? Just for fun, let’s discuss!



[Photo Credits: people, tvgasm, ohnotheydidnt, dailymail, hollywooddame, urlesque]