If there’s anything you need to know about the TiC team, it’s that we love our ANTM. And from past posted comments, I can tell you do too. So you probably know by now that the upcoming cycle is scheduled to bring back 14 allstar losers for another stab at the competition. Well, a couple of days ago, Tyra announced who’s in. Just for fun, let’s talk. Are we happy about the contestants, who would we have preferred have a second chance instead, and based on their respective cycles, who do we think has what it takes to become America’s Next Top Model?

So the trend in Tyra’s selection seems to be all about the alpha-betches. We’ve got Camille from Cycle 2, Bianca from Cycle 9, Angelea from Cycle 14, Lisa from Cycle 5 and Dominique from Cycle 10. Regardless of whether each could take a good photo or not, these girls were undoubtedly fierce.

In fact, Bre from Cycle 5, who’s also coming back, even had trouble with the law since her ANTM debut.

Did I mention that Alexandria from Cycle 16 is back too? If I didn’t, it’s probably because I wish I didn’t have to. Personally, I am so upset with the judges for having eliminated this witch so late into the competition this season!

Also set to whet our attention spans are Shannon from Cycle 1, who refused to strip down for the camera, Sheena from Cycle 11 (one time for the Bl-asians), and Isis from Cycle 11. Isis was the competition’s first transgender contestant. She didn’t fare too well the first round, but she’s had a fair bit of experience since.

The sweethearts I look forward to include Brittany from Cycle 4 (let’s hope her short-term memory problems will fare her better this time around), Laura from Cycle 13, Allison from Cycle 12 and Kayla from Cycle 15.

I’ll admit I really wanted to see Elyse and Mercedes thrown into the mix, but oh well. It looks like we’ve got a house of sheer entertainment as is!

But what say you? Are you pleased with the line-up of contestants? Who did you want to see back into the competition? Who has what it takes to be on top? Just for fun, let’s discuss!



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