Despite Cathy Horyn penning signs of the death of couture, the fact remains that we’re all still enjoying the haute this summer. Which is why I thought it fitting to pay tribute to the bunny who’s been blogging to preserve couture’s relevance since 2007. Meet Fifi Lapin, who according to Elle Magazine, is the world’s most stylish bunny!

Lapin was born in London to a carrot and lettuce stock trader and his family of 257. When she turned one, however, she became the sole survivor of the herd due to an outbreak of myxomatosis. After which, she was mollycoddled by her parents, and grew into an extremely stylish clothes-hoarding socialite.

In February 2007,  Lapin began to keep a log of her daily outfits on a blogspot page.

From very early on, Lapin established that she didn’t care too much for creatively styling herself by mixing and matching brands. Instead, she preferred to trust and retain the designer’s initial vision in her looks.

But somehow Lapin always managed to make each look her own, despite the fact that most of them came straight off the runway.

Much of this is due to the fact that Lapin has always been inclined to playfully whimsical designers, like Sonia Rykiel, Luella, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Chloe and Eley Kishimoto.

And her penchant for youthful kitsch reflects even when donning haute Chanel items. 

The fact that Lapin manages to steal looks directly off the runway and campaigns, and still make them her own teaches her readers a fine lesson: as long as you’ve got attitude, you’ll never lose yourself in your clothes.

But nevertheless, when the vintage trend swung to it’s peak, Lapin showed no signs of difficulty in styling her own secondhand finds.

Part of Lapin’s initial appeal was that she was always honest with her readers. Right from the beginning, she admitted she was always yo-yo dieting; going from carrot sticks one minute to carrot cake the next.

And that she always felt insecure in a pair of trousers because they “made her legs look weird”. In being relatable, she showed her readers that it you could feel imperfect in designer wear too.

In July 2007, Lapin introduced her boyfriend, Sonny Hare, and subsequently began posting looks for couples. They are still currently together.

While they aren’t in any hurry to get married, Lapin has already revealed her dream wedding outfit plan.

Later in September, Lapin adopted a puppy, Stella, and her looks changed accordingly whenever she took her out for a walk.

In 2009, Lapin introduced readers to her best friend Ruby Gatta, who later started her own blog about design.

With a full franchise in order, people couldn’t help but take notice of (and interest in) Lapin. The funny thing is that she became more globally renowned when she started traveling around the world, releasing a series of private holiday snapshots. How old school Hollywood glamour of her!

She soon began popping up in Vogue Magazine

And began to dabble in fashion designing by collaborating with various lines.

Pac Sun

Forever 21 / Heritage 1981



And even began selling exclusive prints of herself online!

Lapin continues to make trends into her own today and couture pieces street-friendly, though she recently underwent surgery…

Only to reveal a new nose last month!

Currently, Lapin is hosting a competition on her blog. Applicants are to submit an outfit for Lapin to wear at her book launch on the eve of London Fashion Week. Winners will receive a copy of her new book, What Shall I Wear Today? Style Secrets of a Furry Fashionista, an invitation to its launch, a Fifi Lapin for Lesportsac bag, a t-shirt, an autographed limited edition print, and a limited edition brooch. For more details, click here.

Competition aside, Lapin made the international fashion illustration blogging scene trendy, paving the way for others to get bookmarked. Her looks may not be the most uniquely styled, but they translate haute couture into relatable street style for her readers. What do you think of Fifi Lapin?



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