It isn’t everyday that the world is lucky enough to be blessed with yet another vocal powerhouse such as Lana Del Rey. Placed on the same ranks as musical chart-topping darling, Adele, the 26 year old singer-songwriter is gifted with a heartbreaking voice that has the ability to wring your soul but soothe you at the same time. Born as Elizabeth Grant, she cites herself as a “gangster Nancy Sinatra”, and looks to Britney Spears and Bruce Springsteen to get the music juices flowing.

Oozing with old school glamour in her looks and personality, the curvy lass hails from a rather wealthy family background, as one would imagine if millionaire Rob Grant was your father. But this did not hinder Lana Del Rey in any way from making a name for herself. Her hit song ‘Video Games’ has been sweeping everyone off their feet with its relatable lyrics. We reckon that guy is hating his own guts, right about now.

There has been much speculation on whether she is a product of her management and as to where exactly she came from. One of the accusations that has been hurled at her went so far as to state that her signature pout is a product of plastic surgery. “I feel like I want to f**king kill myself. It’s miserable,” says Lana Del Rey on the backlash that she has received so far. This doesn’t in any way however, change the fact that girlfriend can sing.

Lana Del Ray has got the sex bomb look in the bag – flirty dresses with flounce skirts and low v-cut necklines fit her like a glove. A form-fitting waistline on the dress helps cinches her body in all the right places, playing up her best assets and flattering the rest. She occasionally favours a more demure and feminine look, with high necklines and sleeved dresses with laced patterns, or sheer fabric.

Even on her most casual days, she amps up her simple outfit with big accessories and big hair – something that she obviously has a thing for. The key to achieving the Lana Del Rey look is to have a pair of trusty high-waisted shorts that will instantly add height to your frame, and a fun, colourful crop top that will give you that pop of colour you will need.

For this week’s Closet Copycat, we picked out one of each look that would ensure you look snappy, whether you’re thinking of just hanging out in the day or a special date at night.

1. Lace Embellished Daisy Shift Dress, Warehouse, RM200
2. White Large Rose Hair Pin, Forever 21, RM12
3. White Mary Jane pumps,, RM97
4. Paris Nouveu Bag by Marc B**,, RM 183

1. MOTO High Waisted Hotpants, Topshop, RM140
2. Love Connector Knuckle Duster Ring,,  RM23
3. Gold 3-piece Metal Bib Necklace, Diva, RM65
4. True Colors Self-Tie Top, Forever 21, RM50
5. Rhinestone Horse Ring, Forever 21, RM18

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Text by: Sue Lynn