Previously known by the pseudonym Miss Bank$, 20-year old Azealia Banks seemed to have appeared on our radars like a refreshing burst of spontaneity and giggles overnight. Her fame burst through last year when she was nominated as one of the people on NME’s “Cool List” of 2011, and went on with a nomination for the Sound of 2012 where she bagged the third placing. It wasn’t until she had released her debut single “212” featuring Lazy Jay that skyrocketed her to international recognition and a place on the Top 100 list of the UK Singles Chart.

Hailing from Harlem, New York, this cheeky faced lass has very recently cemented her career as a rapper and lyricist by officially signing a label contract with Universal Records.

Many have claimed that Azealia Banks’ reminds them of Nicki Minaj, but we beg to differ. A very apt comparison to dispute this point is to observe their personal styles, and it doesn’t take strong observation skills that the two caramel beauties are nothing alike. “She’s only had one album, and she’s only been famous for a year, so she doesn’t have that big of a legacy for me to be the new her. She’s her and I’m me.” says the young singer in her attempts to dissipate the Nicki Minaj comparisons.

We like her for her courage to speak up without being catty, and we like that she admits to ‘pulling out whatever is clean in her wardrobe, then try to match whatever is in her hands’ in a recent interview. What we like most about her though, is the way she looks in all her outfits, an unmistakable cheerful aura about her, with a seemingly carefree approach to fashion.

Cropped tops and bandeaus seem to be one of her favourite go-to clothing item to wear if she feels like dressing up for the day. Pairing these tops with high-waisted shorts or skirts gives compliment to her athletic and leaner form. She maintains a bashful and girly attitude, but still seems to favor flats over heels when selecting the right shoes for her outfits.

It might seem pretty easy to emulate her style with t-shirts and denim shorts, and whilst it’s always tricky to pull it off as well as she does with her child-like grin and her unguarded body language, we’ve put together a couple of outfits to mimic this young rapper – one that is pretty much an everyday go-to outfit, and another a completely outrageous one that you’d only think about wearing on a particularly adventurous day.


1. Separates Frill Bandeau, approx. RM346, available at Zimmermans
2. The mari zipped high waisted shorts, RM186, available at YesStyle
3. Red Military Jacket, RM289, available at MNG

1. Cuffed Blue Blazer, approx. RM 159.90, available at Forever21
2. Scalloped Pointelle Anklet Socks, approx. RM 35, available at Tilly’s
3. Mary Jane Fuchsia, RM 299, available at Zalora
4. MOTO Bleach Splatter High Waist Hotpants, approx. RM 170, available at Topshop


Text by: Sue Lynn