She’s a rock and roll goddess who oozes her own brand of  comfort able chic at every turn, diffusing the stereotype with her subtlety and refusal to propogate an excessive lifestyle  – ladies, meet Alison Mosshart, an American girl with a touch of British while packing a whole lot of international style.

Alison Mosshart started out her career in an American punk rock band but achieved fame when she teamed up with James Hince (Kate Moss’ current squeeze) to create The Kills. The world took notice of their  alternative indie rock stylings, and collectively fell in love with Mosshart’s collected cool wardrobe.

The fact that Jack White recruited her for his supergroup, The Dead Weather, makes her one impossibly  cool rock and roll queen.

Although one might think that Mosshart’s wardrobe staples of jeans and tee are largely uninspiring, it’s the fact that she looks practically born in them that gives her an edge.

She is no try-hard slacker or Gen X-reminiscent grunge kid, instead Mosshart is an example of how good fitting jeans and statement tees can be the basis of a personality-defining outfit. The fact that those t-shirts are Marc Jacobs certainly adds some glam in her everyday look.

Here’s how you can get inspired and reproduce Mosshart’s understated chic. 

At red carpet events, Mosshart adds some colour to her outfit with her gold Hedi Slimane boots and though not many of us may be able to afford designer boots, it’s good to note how a pop of colour can add an element of surprise to a basic outfit.

A. The Classy Issue Tank,, RM72
B. Denim Bucket Bag, Twenty Bow Boutique, RM50
C. Black Skinny Baxter Jeans, Topshop, RM186
D. Rayban Wayfarers, Moon Bow Boutique, RM20
E. Skinny Tartan Check, Topshop, £28.00
F. Suede Ruffle Oxford, Yunique Paradise, RM175

It wouldn’t be rock and roll if something wasn’t ripped! Here, Mosshart accessorizes with some attention-grabbing shoes and jewellery.

A. Denim Shirt, Winkstink, RM50
B. Acid Washed Ripped Skinny Jeans, I Scream for Fashion, RM45
C. Lady Gaga, My Favouritees, RM39
D. Gladiator Ankle Booties, Yunique Paradise, RM175
E. Fienz, Soak Republic, RM38

As you can see, being rock and roll does not mean sinking to the levels of a ‘hot mess’. Instead with the right basics, it’s easy to add layers and accessories to create a look that is authentic yet not over-the-top – the true heart of rock and roll.

Who is your favourite rock and roll goddess?

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