Fashion has always been more than just about style, apparel and who is wearing what! In fact, it’s an art form that does more than make you look great – especially when designers use it as an outlet to discuss world matters and to shock. Here we have compiled some of the strangest designs in fashion that makes for a great conversation starter if not, a triple take from passersby.

Shoe addicts will tell me otherwise about some of these mentioned below. Rest assured that the words, “strange/weird/crazy/unusual” is far from bad in our books, especially these ones…

Antonio Berardi heel-less boots as worn by Victoria Beckham

Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo heels

Sneaker pants

Glass shoes… Has Cinderella’s slippers undergone a revamp?

Balenciaga Fall Winter 2010 collection

Love the colours but not too sure about the platform made out of elephant dung

The shoe above is from Pauline Van Dongen. There are heaps of other crazy shoe designs at the

You can also check out other extreme shoes that made the list here.

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We have covered Triumph novelty bra’s before and I think the topic has carried on with other undergarments including the most talked about period panties – and just for the record they don’t act like sanitary napkins.

With women being so busy keeping time with their work schedules instead of their biological clock, here’s something that acts like a countdown timer to remind you…

Fake pubic hair panties

The ‘Hand Cup’ bra

Now more women are bringing home the bacon!

I heard some Diet Coke fans can be pretty hardcore when it comes to their fave soda…

A morbid fascination like this should definitely be hidden under layers of clothes, but it seems that taxidermy fashion isn’t all that uncommon

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Fashion Show Installation:
I’ve always anticipated Alexander McQueen’s shows when the big Fashion weeks are around the corner. Now with his demise, will catwalk shows be as intriguing as before? Well, here are some that made fashion’s head honchos’ lips quiver and shake these recent seasons and hopefully they’re not stopping there!

DSquared2 Fall Winter 2010/2011 show had topless men, blood and models hovering. Are Dean and Dan Caten Twilight fans?

Cassette Playa’s augmented reality show

Hussein Chayalan Techniart exhibiton

Viktor & Rolf

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Lady Gaga inspired show

Victoria’s Secret shows never fail to impress, this was taken from their Spring Summer 2010

Chanel Autumn Winter 2010

Alexander McQueen’s unforgettable Spring Summer 1999 show

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Clothes and Designers:
There are just too many to list on the strange radar but here are some that did make the cut.

The strange and facinating:

Gareth Pugh’s design aesthetics are – to say the least – remarkable!

Viktor and Rolf Spring Summer 2009

Manish Arora

Katy Perry in Manish Arora

Thierry Mugler’s Origami Dress

Beyonce in Thierry Mugler

Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn Winter 2009

Maison Martin Margiela Spring Summer 2009

Hussein Chayalan Afterwords table skirt

Lady Gaga’s “bubble dress” is made by none other than British/Turkish, controversial designer, Hussein Chalayan. Pretty much anything that Lady Gaga has performed or walked the red carpet in would be in this list


And the outright strange:

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It’s not so much ‘who’ you’re carrying anymore and more of ‘what’ you are carrying that makes your pieces memorable. Therefore, if you can’t afford the high-end designer bags or accessories, here are some that are bound to make a bleep on the fashion radar.

James Piatt’s Sacrificial Cat bag

Spock inspired earrings


Which of these creations would you wear and which would you never be caught dead in? We want to hear what you have to say at our Dressing Room.

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