If you haven’t taken the opportunity to submit your name and blog in the Guess Blogger Search, well, why haven’t you? Guess is on a global hunt for fabulous fashion-oriented folks to be a part of Guess Access Blog family, and this could be you. We’ve mentioned the contest here, but here’s a closer look at why you should get on it pronto.

1. Guess Goodies

Guess Watches Ladies ‘All Wrapped Up’ Mini Mania SS’12 collection, RM359 each | Guess Watches Men’s ‘Overdrive’ SS’12 Collection, RM579 each

As a Guess Access Blog contributor, not only will you be part of the brand for a year, but you will be enjoying perks from the brand as well. We’re talking sweet arm candy in the form of watches, and if a look at the Spring/Summer ’12 collection is any indication, it’ll be a colourful time for all.

2. A Global Stage

A post written by Vanessa Flowers which appeared on her blog, 24Blogazine, and the Guess Access Blog: http://en.guesswatches.com/life-style/fashion-blog/style-at-first-sight

Here is a chance for your written work to reach an audience unlike any other. The Guess Access Blog covers well-loved trends, style and adventure, which makes it a breeze when it comes to writing ideas. You will enjoy full credit to each post written, as well as a link back to your blog, thus ensuring a greater reach to your writing.

3. Equal Opportunity Contest

How many times have you read about an awesome contest only to read it in the fine lines, that it is strictly limited to a continent on the opposite side of the world? Far too many, we know. That’s what makes this Guess Blogger Search contest an absolute must join. Here is a contest that is not only truly international – contestants range from as far as Algeria and Macedonia –  but will seek out two winners per country to join the Guess blogger family.

It’s not too late to submit your entry into the Guess Blogger Search. Simply get started on the Facebook application page and once you’ve got your profile, channel all your networking skills and spread the word across your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and other social platforms to gain style points.