So you’ve got a blog. In which you write your views on fashion and style and share Instagrammed shots of what you’re wearing, eating, or lusting over. Well, how about use your virtual home base to score a chance to be the One to Watch? Guess wants you, yes, YOU, the chance to join in their Global Blogger Search where they’re seeking out the stylish from countries all over. That’s right – Malaysians, Singaporeans, and other Southeast Asian compatriots, this is one contest that is unbounded by nationality.

Guess is seeking out original stylemakers and taste drivers across the world to run their website, Guess Access Blog. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to earn some serious style cred as a guest editor and brand ambassador for a year.  Titled ‘One to Watch’, you simply start by accessing the application on the Guess Watches Facebook page and creating a personal profile as well as style board.

Next, you simply utilize your mad skills as a social connector and share your profile across your social networks – Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, the more the better! – to collect as much Style Points as possible until July 31st 2012. The top ten bloggers from each country will then go into the next round of the contest and be given a blogging assignment before finally, two finalists will be chosen to represent their country and be living the life of glitz, glamour and Guess fame where they will be content creators at the Guess Access Blog as well as Guess Facebook page. And of course, what would a winner be without their goodies? Think sweet Guess watches to accompany the worldwide fame throughout the year!

The search kicks off now and it starts with creating your profile at the Facebook application page here. Get clicking because you just might be the one to watch!