With less than a week to go to Hari Raya, this is the time procrastinators and late shoppers start grinding their gears for the big day. As one who is also a subscriber to the off-the-cuff school of philosophy, fret not friends, as Tongue in Chic has got your back. If you’re late to the shopping party or simply want to add to your Raya shopping haul, consider this Top 10 Last Minute Raya Shopping feature your new bible.


1. The Old Blossom Box Store

Infusing The Old Blossom Box Store trademark of quirky girlishness with traditional apparel, the Candy Raya Wonderland 2011 collection is as the name suggests, a colourful explosion of fun and sweetness.

Peter Pan collars, lace, bibs and the Old Blossom Box natural – bows, are just some of the whimsical detailing on the festive collection! Prices range from RM259-299 per piece.

The Old Blossom Box Store is located at:
309, Block 2 (3rd Floor/ above Ambank),
Sec.13/1, Shah Alam.

Alternatively, visit the website here: oldblossombox.blogspot.com/

+ + +

2. Tyra Mei

Located in Amcorp Mall, Tyra Mei offers exclusive and limited tailor-made items in a range of materials that include cotton, chiffon, silk, satin, crepe, georgette and others.

left: Cotton Voile Hand-chopped Batik Batwing Top with Silver Beading, RM329; Satin Pareo, RM89
right: Gold-beaded Chiffon Kaftan, RM229

There is also a range of classic designs for those who prefer time-honoured styles too.

Tyra Mei is located at:
L1-37, Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya

+ + +

3. The Pop Look

With The Pop Look‘s personal label, Poppy, comes a collection that is both trendy yet cost-friendly – a rarity in this festive season. As is the brand’s motto, “feminine, timeless and easy”, the offerings work as a palette for you to get your creative style on – with accessories, belts, and layers.

The jersey dresses range from RM69-79 and come in a wide range of styles and colour. Shop quickly though, as some designs are already sold out!

Shop The Pop Look at: http://thepoplook.com

+ + +

4. Schnaz Scarves

Available in a range of colours from gunmetal blue to amethyst and pastel mint, Schnaz Scarves are the perfect accessory for some colourblocking action.

Made from Dubai Silk, the headscarves are super versatile and soft. Many colours have already sold out, so it’s best to mosey on over and grab them quick.

Schnaz Scarves are available at: Shop Sputnik Sweetheart.

+ + +

5. Fashion Valet

If there had to be an online successor to physical shopping malls, Fashion Valet looks to be the leading candidate.

Stocking a wide range of local designers and brands, Fashion Valet is a great place to get your Raya shopping done especially when stuck behind the office/school desk (not that we condone this sort of behaviour – though we might be guilty of it).

Some famous names found at the store include PU3, Nurita Harith, Mimpi Kita, Nana G and Radzuan Radziwill. With many different styles at assorted prices, there is something for everyone here.

Fashion Valet is available at: www.fashionvalet.net.

+ + +

6. Button My Buttons

Polka dots, ruffles, and bright pops of colour make up the Button My Buttons ‘Raya In The City 2011’ collection. It’s a fun collection that infuses traditional styles with eye-catching details.

The pieces that make up ‘Raya In the City 2011’ are available in different sizes from XS to XL. The collection which retails from RM450 to RM790 can also be custom made according to specifications.

If however, you prefer simpler designs with equally quirky details, there is the Basics Buttons Kurung collection which start from RM259 to RM530.

Each of these pieces retail for RM269

Button My Buttons is located at:
No:7-1, SS15/8B,47600
Subang Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 603 5634 8484

Alternatively, visit the website here: buttonmybuttons.com.

+ + +

7. Nude & Sultry

To keep in line with the festivities, Nude & Sultry has a special Raya 2011 collection that includes the Nude & Sultry Songket Set Collection. Featuring kain songket from South Sulawesi, each clutch comes together with a matching fan and lipstick case (RM65).

Also available are beaded and tassled earrings and necklaces as well as 100% pure silk luxe scarves in rich and inviting colours.

Some of these designs have in fact been discounted so it’s best to head on over to the website to find out more.

Grab your Nude & Sultry accessories from: nudesultry.blogspot.com.

+ + +

8. Uberlove by Lyana

For those on a budget, Uberlove by Lyana is where you need to head to pronto. Apparel and accessories for less than RM100? What an absolute steal!

left: Necklace, RM45 ; Pleated Kaftan Top: RM85 ; Ikat Batek, RM50
right: Pleated Kaftan Top, RM85 ; Crepe Pants, RM65

left: Lyana Chiffon Top, RM70 ; Ikat Batek, RM50
right: Ruffles Kurung Top, RM70

More selections of necklaces and pleated kaftan tops

Versatility is key here and it’s easy to mix and match to create different looks with the items offered. It’s no stretch to say that the items can be easily incorporated into everyday wear after Hari Raya is over too.

Shop Uberlove by Lyana at: uberlovebylyana.blogspot.com.

+ + +

9. Melinda Looi X Tesco

We’ve already mentioned the special designer collaboration that Melinda Looi has created exclusively for Tesco but the collection is such a nifty one that we couldn’t help but highlight it again.

With a maximum price of RM199, this is truly an exceptional item for the season. At worst, you might run the risk of someone else wearing the same item, but just remember to accessorise, accessorise, accessorise (see item no. 10) and you’re good to go!

A Limited Edition by Melinda Looi Exclusively for Tesco is available at:
Tesco Mutiara Damansara,
No 8, Jalan PJU 7/4,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

+ + +

10. Tongue in Chic Store

f we’re on the topic of accessories, look no further than the Tongue in Chic Store for a collection unlike any other. Created by Tara Amelz, the Managing Editor of CosmoGIRL!, specially for Tongue in Chic, the talented lady has channelled her love for ruffles and pompoms into this collection.

Each item retails for RM50 and as there are only limited quantities available, you can bet that you’ll be a crowd standout with the ECLECTICA by Tara Amelz X Tongue in Chic Store capsule collection.

Get it here at: the Tongue in Chic Store.


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