Our Tongue in Chic Store has been constantly sourcing for fun and exciting stuff to be added into our virtual shelves. So without further ado, let’s all welcome the latest vendor to join our store, Girl About Town.

Girl About Town recently had their layout transformed into a pastel-coloured template, bringing a new breeze to its own customers. In addition to that, they’ve surprised us by their latest collection. This season, we see a lot of sheer, soft-hued and light material attire stocked up. Definitely the best pick for summer!

Now in Tongue In Chic store, we’ve secured a few pieces from Girl About Town exclusively for you. Any prints that you’re thinking of right now, we just might have for you in store. So dig in!

For me, I’m feeling floral and quirky, fun prints. Look what I’ve found!

Floral Skirt from Girl About Town, RM38 ; Pink Schooling Note from Paperlovin’, RM28 ; Pearlescent from Owh Owl, RM54 ; Capai Cita Cita (Necklace) from Mimpi Murni, RM70

One Shoulder Playsuit from Girl About Town, RM35 ; Amisi (Headgear) from Zikkos, RM45

If you are not on the same plane as I am, head down to Tongue in Chic store to find your own suit!

Girl About Town pieces in our Tongue in Chic store are priced from RM35 to RM55.

[Other accessories image credit: Polyvore]

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