Dipped in Perspex or brass (the sky is the limit here), shod in lace, wrought with appliqués and vintage gold, silverware and sparkling candy-droplets of gems hammered into one ditzy bracelet – these are fineries that you will not find anywhere but here.

Yorkshire Pearl

Yorkshire Pearl makes the most outrageous and yet undermined statement in accessories. I am a fetish for statement jewelleries, and upon my hankering, I pounded down the doors of Robert Clayton, or BBert – as he is called by friends and admirers alike, the man behind these beautiful accessories above.

I had the privilege to speak to him about his colourful past and promising future – I honestly am impelled by his candour, and dare I say it: that bonhomie personality he possesses only makes me want to put the word out there to speak of how amazing this man really is.

Yorkshire Pearl

These are just some of the sneak peaks into his Autumn/Winter collection, which, in BBert’s words is inspired by “a more sinister feel”, running along the veins of “Death of the Bangle”, incorporating black overlay with embellishment. You would have ever guessed but BBert used to dabble in engineering and butchering, and it was only in 2006, inspired by John Galliano that he enrolled himself in an MA course in Fashion Design at London College of Fashion.

“I never went in search of fashion. It found me.”

Although he was offered design positions at Alexander McQueen and YSL in their Parisian ateliers, he was very clear of the path he would go down: he did not want to design for someone else – “I am not in this for the fame or the money; I only wanted to create”. And boy, how glad I am that he stood his ground – otherwise, we would never have had Yorkshire Pearl!

Yorkshire Pearl

Here he is with best pal/fashion blogger The Clothes Whisperer

Yorkshire Pearl is an extension of BBert. His first priority will still be fashion design, but accessories came serendipitously – he started making these gorgeous pieces for close friend and blogger Kristin Knox a.k.a The Clothes Whisperer – and of course, as she went around town with the bangles, she attracted the attention of the great likes of Hilary Alexander of Telegraph UK and Yasmin Sewell of Liberty of London. From then on, there was no turning back.

As he gears up for his London Fashion Week’s debut – which he hinted has a very “artistic, exhibition feel” to it, I am so proud to also announce that BBert is teaming up with Dr. Martens to bring on some serious blinging to their vintage style. I can already see this as the perfect time for me to FINALLY own a pair of Docs.

In the meantime, we can always sate ourselves for now by browsing through this comprehensive website (Yorkshire Pearl) – he is more than willing to custom-make the accessory of your choice to your desire. Did I mention that they are all unique and exclusive in their own way?

Yorkshire Pearl

What do you think or these crafted bangles?


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