While jeans may be considered a staple in everyday wear, finding a perfectly fitting pair is akin to going to war. Just when you think you might have found a solution to the neverending battle, a pair of jeans that will fit and flatter, some minor detail – be it a gaping waistband, pocket placement or in-seam stitching – will detract from the overall appeal. 93.3% of the female population do not believe that a perfect fitting pair of jeans exist. Levi’s Curve ID is a new revolutionary line of jeans that aims to dispel that notion.

While news of revolutionary jeans may ignite little more than an eyeroll,  what sets the new line of Levi’s Curve ID apart is a new fitting system. This method of calculation places emphasis on the shape of one’s body, instead of size to get a perfectly comfortable second skin of denim.

First, a tie is placed around the natural waist with two measuring tapes hanging off the sides. 

Next, a measuring tape will be placed four inches below the natural waist tie to attain the measurements for the hips.

Following that, another fit will be taken with the measuring tape placed another 8 inches below the natural waist tie.

The resulting figures will help determine which shape compliments you best.

Alyn flaunts her curves in the Bold Curve

The Levi’s Curve ID is available in three different shapes – the Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve. These universal shapes were determined after conducting a thorough survey with 60,000 women across the world. 

The Slight Curve is the ideal match for slim women with boyish figures. The cut will define the waist while shaping the bottom area and lending it curves.

Ladies with symmetrical body shapes – the celebrated hourglass figure – will benefit from the Demi Curve cut. It will flatter the waist whilst smoothing out the overall silhouette.

For women with slightly curvier proportions, the Bold Curve promises to hug the thighs and waist closely, protecting from unwanted moments of underwear -flashing (or worse – bumcrack!) moments.

For every woman who has ever sighed in disappointment after trying on ill-fitting jeans, the Levi’s Curve ID aims to be the balm to your well-fought war. Head on over to your closest Levi’s store and get yourself measured for your best fit. Alternatively, come join the party this Saturday at Mid Valley Megamall where Levi’s and Tongue in Chic will be co-hosting the Levi’s Fit Festival.

At the festival, makeovers, hair styling and fashion tips among many others will ensure your day is spent in a tender, loving and caring environment whilst you get measured and find out your perfect shape.

Budding photographer extraordinaire, Michele Yong, who was the chief photographer for Malaysian-International Fashion Week 2009, will  also be at hand snapping your portraits. 

Date: 14th August 2010
Time: from 12 to 10pm
Venue: Midvalley Megamall (MY)

Click here for more information.

Hopefully, there will be a perfect smile to complement your perfect Levi’s Curve ID fit! Won’t you please come out and play?