There’s something about a perfectly hammered pair of hoop earrings that fascinate me to no end – I say this because even though I own at least four pairs of hoops, I am still searching for The One. I didn’t know where to find it. Everything lacks detail: I want it thin enough, coarse enough, shiny enough, that-leaf-on-that-necklace-needs-to-have-more-droplets enough… the search was, for my own sanity, back-burnered.

There’s a Chinese proverb that details how when one frantically searches for something, one will never find it; but when one finally gets it, it will take no effort whatsoever. He who said it was wise, though it didn’t stop me from wanting to pluck out every strand of my hair, because I did finally find such masterpieces, and it dropped into my lap simply as an assignment.

Behold, the pieces I’ve been salivating over:

Dawn Earrings RM 245

These accessories are brought to us by Dipped by nini + thirtyfour. The line is co-created by Nini Ramlan and ShuennKee of ThirtyFour fame. Needless to say, I am filled with anticipation for this brand. Nini Ramlan is one of the twelve Asian artistes picked by Fendi to customize its iconic Baguette during its tenth anniversary celebration, whereas ShuennKee is a graduate from the prestigious Parsons The New School of Design in New York. These are women with mad skills, people!

Nini Ramlan modeling for Dipped

Nini’s design for Fendi was one of my favorites of the twelve, and the leather cuffs thirtyfour produces render me positively ravenous. The mere thought of having the two of them collaborating on designs leaves me weak on my knees.

But Dipped is not your average accessories maker. The two friends decided to utilize the same techniques used by ancient masters so as to retain the specificity of detail they wanted in their pieces. This method is called ‘Lost Wax’ casting, and it involves a huge amount of tedium, so much so that even the explanation of the method cannot be easily done. I won’t bore you with the technical details (though you can read about ‘Lost Wax’ casting in general here, but let’s just say each piece of jewelry has to be hand-crafted for days before it can appear to us in the form we see.

Beads Bangle RM220

Just in case the knowledge of the ‘Lost Wax’ process doesn’t entice you, I’ll also add that due this particular method, the mold to make the jewelry cannot be kept, so each and every ring, earring, and necklace by Dipped is guaranteed one-of-a-kind. They couldn’t make you two same pieces even if they wanted to!

Dipped by nini + thirtyfour is available at:

86–1 jln medang serai
bangsar KL 59100

For sales and enquiries, please contact them at:

[email protected]
+603 2095 0034


I can’t wait to dip my hands into this little piece of treasure. How ’bout you?