Though memories of ex-loves and past relationships can often lead down the depression track, Singapore label, Depression, instead opts to look back at those tumultous times with sepia-toned glasses tinted with humour. “Ghost of the Past” is the debut accessory line from Depression and true to the label’s quirky themes, the items created here are no mere nod to the past.

Kenny and Andrew, the creators of Depression immersed themselves in memories of their past loves, recalling the good and the bad of it all, to from the backbone of their Spring/Summer ’10 collection. The results are an all-together quirky, often humourous and slightly macabre take on past memories played out on acryclic in the shapes of rings, necklaces and brooches.

The “Ghost of the Past” collection also include other less love-lorn creations that carry the quirky DNA that is a patent of Depression.

Even pesky household insects have been cast in a new light and given a dose of cute.

To jazz up staid or plain outfits, you can’t go much further than a statement-making accessories and Depression has them in spades.

Prices for the “Ghost of the Past” collection range from SGD$15 for a brooch to SGD$85 for a limited-edition necklace.

If you’d like to get your hands on these, Depression can be found at Flagship at Millenia Walk Parco #P2-21 and Far East Plaza #04-41.

Tel: +65 9889 2179 or +65 9754 7355

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