We’re getting increasingly excited at the office about 20BYTWO, the Singapore-Malaysia fashion exchange and pop up store happening next week at Reddot Design Museum in Singapore, and the following week at Publika in Malaysia. Today, here’s a look at another group of designers from both sides of the Causeway that you’ll get to meet at the event.

Trioon was launched in mid-2008 by WeiLing, who believes that dressing well should be both effortless and empowering. The line is inspired by exotic locales and bustling metropolitans of the world and strives to achieve a balance of aesthetics and technicality in polished, contemporary jersey dresses and tailored separates. http://www.trioon.com/
Shoes, shoes, shoes

What could be better than shoes, and lots of it? The prized first brainchild of Ung Yiu Lin, the brand has been serving up shoes, shoes and more shoes since 2006. Expect to see heels, sandals and ballet shoes with the brand’s signature bold accents – animal print, sparkles, and metallic finishes. http://www.facebook.com/ShoesShoesShoes3

Fans of local leather craftsmanship will surely know thirtyfour. The makers of masterfully designed leather bags and cuffs for the urban woman was founded in 2006. They began in making a name in made-to-measure leather sandals for men and women, and within a few years developed their line to include the timelessly chic jewellery and the leather goods they’re known and loved for. http://thirtyfour.net/

Coupé-cousu stands for cut and sewn in French, something that reflects the design sensibility of Xie Shangqian and Alex Yeo. Borne from their desire to create menswear for the on-the-move urbanite and built around a deep appreciation for tailoring fundamentals, the line of  shirts, coats and blazers are minimalistic with sharp design details. The current collection echoes the mood of fall in muted shades with flashes of the season’s mustards and burnt orange. http://www.coupecousu.com/
Lauren Jasmine

Multi-label Singaporean boutique Eclecticism presents it’s own brand of work wear with a generous sprinkling of the distinctive diversity as epitomized in the store, co-designed by Hazel Chang and Liyana Johan. Named for and inspired by Hazel’s niece, Lauren Jasmine creates clothes for the the working professional who isn’t ever shy to express her individuality. http://www.laurenjasmine.com/

Christened after the combined nicknames of founders Alia Alizar and Nasha Alyssa, Yadotsa’s line of dresses and separates are moody yet light, with interesting design elements interspersed throughout. The current collection’s outer galaxy theme brings to mind ethereal nebulas, the quietness of space and chic intergalactic travel gear right out of science fiction. http://www.yadotsa.com.my
Watch this space for the next sequel of our three-part designer roundup special. And if you’re in town, don’t forget to save these dates:
20BYTWO Singapore
Date: September 7-8
Venue: Red Dot Design Museum
20BYTWO Malaysia
Date: September 15-16
Venue: Publika Mall