Feeling confident can be difficult in the face of everyday challenges. Sometimes you try tremendously to battle certain situations, but things just don’t work out. Maybe it’s nature playing a game or maybe it’s an invisible cloud of bad chi that surrounds you, but rejoice, because you can be better and do more.

We love this video by Ted-Ed, as it illustrates very simply how to boost self-esteem. It’s also a reminder of how each and every one of us is valuable and capable, even when we feel at our lowest.

We’ve narrowed down some practical tips for you to try in your daily routine:

#1 Visualise Your Goals
We’ve all seen the ‘#lifegoals’ hashtag on social media. Imagine your most achievable success points before tackling something difficult. Before you approach that intimidating interview, think about what you’d like to achieve and where you want to be.

#2 Always Believe
How you view your own special abilities can totally change the way you approach things! Just like how working out tones the body, growing your talents takes time and practice. This is where challenges are useful, because they take you out of your comfort zone and help you grow.

#3 Accept Failure
Messing up happens even to the best of us. Innovation wouldn’t exist if things went smoothly all the time! Did you know, studies have shown that people who often fail and climb back up are more ready to deal with obstacles along the way? Think of failure as a prep stage before leveling up.

#4 Stay Kind
It can seem easy, or even reasonable, to be harsh on yourself when things don’t go well. Learn to grasp the situation in the most kind and humble manner possible – simultaneously finding a way around it while remembering to love yourself.

#5 Look The Part
How you look influences how you feel. So put on that bright lipstick, slip into those heels and that outfit you’ve always been wanting to try, and smile. Need shopping tips? Check out our Sales of the Week roundup right here!

You’ve got this. Now, go forth and conquer the world!


Video credit: TED-Ed