Most of us have gone through no less than 15 years of study, 18 if you did a bachelor’s degree, 20 if you did an MBA and 21 if you did a PhD, as a rough guide. However, through all that school time, we’re given very few formal lessons (if at all) about relationships and how to manage them.

In 2014, a news report indicated that there was one divorce every 10 minutes in Malaysia. Last year, between January and August, it was estimated that 156 muslim couples got divorced daily.  The news reports go on to blame infidelity, social media, and the pursuit of high level careers to pay for the conspicuous consumption that comes with being a developing nation.

What’s also important to understand is that our ideals and notions of how love should be come from rom-coms and romantic movies and novels with a bare-chested, long-haired breed of male on the cover that doesn’t exist.

Perhaps a long hard look at ourselves is also in order, and understanding a few simple truths about being in relationships. Here are five short, articulate and beautifully animated videos we found that could open your eyes to how relationships could be different, from the very brilliant folks at the School of Life, whose founder – Alain de Botton –  is also a prolific author of books such as On Love.

#1 Picking the Right Partner

Do you ever find yourself always attracted to the ‘wrong’ type? The ones who aren’t good for us, and never text us back? Alain de Botton explains why and gives us a hint or two on how to change this.


#2 Going Off our Partners

After the initial honeymoon period, after we’ve confessed our deep attraction for each other and after a blissful few months where we walk on air and get full on plain water, reality starts to sink in. We have our first fight, settle into routines and soon, we’re bored or worse, cold with each other. Why does this happen. This vid highlights a few possibilities:




#3 How to deal with the Big “Merajuk” aka Sulking

We think we do this best, but the truth is it happens all over the world. On all levels, no matter what age we are, there are times when we get hurt over little things (as the vid in #2 tells us), but because we’re too embarrassed to communicate it, the emotion is released in different ways. We give our partner the cold shoulder or we flirt with others to hurt them. It all boils down to not expecting your partner to read your mind. Watch this vid for the best explanation ever:


#4 How to Use Humour in Your Relationship

We all know this. Humour helps. But how do you do it? How do you use humour to tell a lover delicately that we don’t like the way he slurps his pasta?


#5 How to Keep Sex Alive

In the beginning you can’t keep your hands off each other, but after a certain period of time, the need to be intimate becomes less urgent. It’s human nature. But the lack of intimacy can cause problems in a relationship. Here’s what damage could occur, and ideas for solutions:



#6 How to End a Relationship


Sometimes, the time comes where a relationship has to come to an end. How do you decide whether you should stay or go?


If the answer is go, what’s the best way to do this?

Alternative views on relationships:

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