Every Game of Thrones fan is probably head over heels in love with the new female character, Lady Lyanna Mormont. Let’s take a moment to understand why:


badass women

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Lyanna Mormont is the 10 year-old lady of Bear Island, the de facto head of House Mormont after her mother’s death in battle. She is sharp enough to know that Jon Snow and Sansa Stark didn’t come here to reminisce about her dead relatives. You wish you were a Lyanna Mormont when you were at that age, but let’s admit it – you were probably playing masak-masak and giggling at boys doing the “I’m hitting you but I actually like you” charade.



That badassery. We likey.

Let’s also pay tribute to 11 other fictional characters who are equally as BOSS as the Lady of House Mormont:


Badass #1: Nancy Drew


badass women

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You’ve probably read at least one Nancy Drew novel in school. The female teenage detective seems to be the perfect girl in every sense: she’s intelligent, attractive, sharp, comes from a well-to-do family, and has an equally intelligent and attractive boyfriend.

Badass factor: Nancy is very independent. She solves mysteries by herself (almost at a 100% success rate), sometimes with the help of her fellow girl friends, her supportive boyfriend, and her lawyer father. Needless to say, this girl doesn’t shy away from danger.


Badass #2: Ellen Louise Ripley


badass women

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A recurring character in the Alien movie franchise, Ellen Louise Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) is fierce in every way you can think of. This badass lady is a survivor: she has survived every single alien attack in the first three movies, and came back as a clone in the fourth. It has been confirmed in February 2015 that we will continue to see more of Ripley in the upcoming Alien 5.

Badass factor: She’s a fighter. Ripley survived two alien attacks with armed with guts, strength, and lots of ammunition. She lost her daughter and many of her teammates in the process; she was treated rudely by her employers but proved them wrong with her abilities. In Alien 3, we saw her diving into a furnace to kill the baby alien that was clawing its way out of her chest for the good of humanity.



Badass #3 & #4: Cagney & Lacey


badass women

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Mary Beth Lacey is a working mum with four children to juggle; Christine Cagney is an career-driven, single lady who parties hard. Believe it or not, these two women are cops. The duo solve crimes and life crises together, like Charlie’s Angels minus one.

Badass factor: Four kids, a husband, and a job as a police officer. Do you need us to elaborate how tough managing all that is? Both Cagney and Lacey were portrayed to be just as tough and capable as the men in the force, to the point that some viewers think they’re dykes. Nonetheless, the series doesn’t shy away from highlighting real issues females deal with, such as breast cancer and society’s expectation of a mother.


Badass #5: Sarah Connor


Sarah Connor

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Sarah Connor has a job more important than everyone else’s in this world: give birth and bring up the guy who will save the world from human-killing robot armies. Throughout the Terminator series, we see her wielding guns and firing bullets at every single cyborg to protect her son, consequently saving the world.

Badass factor: Firing machine guns aside, have you seen what Sarah hid in her casket? There weren’t any decaying bodies, but every type of gun you can think of. What a legacy to leave behind.


Badass #6: Jessica Fletcher


badass women

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The motherly and occasionally funny retired teacher from Murder, She Wrote doesn’t seem to be capable of doing anyone any harm. Jessica Fletcher is a famous detective novel writer, with friends from every single strata of society. She is terribly friendly, as well as being terribly sharp with her observations, qualities which helped her solve many crimes.

Badass factor: It seems that Jessica is able to solve every single crime in just five minutes. We’ll see police officers mulling over the complexity of the case while trying to stop Jessica from meddling. But she always manages to slip in and, within a few minutes, point out the killer with her detailed deductions. Who needs the police when you have Jessica?


Badass #7 & #8: Thelma & Louise



They are the lead characters of a feminist cult classic of the same name who took the road trip of their lives. Thelma and Louise refused to let themselves be defined by the men they’re with. During the road trip, they faced danger, confronted their past, got hurt; but managed to find their true selves in the end.

Badass factor: Both of them don’t take insults lightly. Rub them the wrong way and you’re dead. When cornered by the police on the Grand Canyon, Thelma and Louise refused to give up their new found liberty, decided to “keep going”.



Badass #9: Dana Scully


badass women

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See that name and your mental jukebox starts playing The X-Files theme song. Agent Dana Scully is refreshingly objective in her judgment, as compared to her partner Agent Fox Mulder, choosing to rely on scientific facts and available evidences. This is a rare trait for female characters, as they are usually portrayed to be driven by emotions rather than facts.

Badass factor: Solving paranormal crimes, healing children, and saving mankind in general. This lady is multi-talented. In the final season of The X-Files, we see her harvesting her own extraterrestrial DNA to make a vaccine for mankind.


Badass #10: Xena the Warrior Princess


badass women

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Can never get Xena’s famous war cry out of our heads. The Warrior Princess travels the world in a quest for redemption, helping the needy and combating evil as atonement for her past evil ways. She has battled humans, gods, and demons with her weapon of choice – the chakram.

Badass factor: Xena has amazing ninja-assassin abilities, commanded armies and ships, fought countless battles, and many personal ones. Through it all, she is a mother who had once lost a child and was forced to separate from the other. Despite all that, she pulled through bravely and continued fighting evil.



Badass #11: Buffy Summers


badass women

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Bella Swan who? Buffy’s the real vampire chick. She’s the Chosen One, a Slayer, who protects mankind by killing demons and vampires who try to harm people. Although her job is to slay them, Buffy has also developed significant romantic relationships with two vampires during her tenure as Slayer. *sigh* Vampires. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

Badass factor: What do most female characters in horror movies and TV shows do? They scream, run, and wait for someone to help them. Buffy freaking slays her way out of hordes of bloodthirtsty vampires. She came to slay it, bitch. And her friends are equally badass enough to tell her when she’s being stupid, like when she dates vampires.




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Words by Esther Chung


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