It’s tough going these days –  every time we turn on the TV or check our news feeds, bad news is everywhere. Malaysia’s most fabulous –  drag performer par excellence, Shelah, offers some short term solutions to those of us who are feeling upset or frustrated with the world.

#1 Take a Walk


Take a walk into the jungle.  Even if it’s only Pavilion, at least you’re still walking. Enjoy the animals that you see, the flora and fauna, the giant bowls. Stop by a friendly old tree, or a lamp post, and breathe in that naturally fresh jungle air. The carbon content will either knock you out (they say ignorance is bliss) or shock your system into waking up.

Partake of some delicious nectar, formed in a tropical pitcher plant, or overpriced espresso at your nearest designer cafe and watch life pass you by. And then, keep walking.

Why walking? It helps with blood circulation and strengthens your leg muscles. In Pavilion, it may also flatten your wallet. To reinflate your wallet, turn up for work and inflate your boss’s ego.

And after this experience, you’ll realise you stopped thinking about Donald Trump’s tangerine cotton candy hair for five minutes! Achievement unlocked!


#2 Read a book


Instead of hyperventilating while reading the news, read a book from cover to cover. Yes, front cover and back cover. If you decide to skip the middle that’s your loss but it could bring you hours and hours of fun and fantasy.

Books can help you escape into a different world for a couple of hours. If you’re a slow reader that’s even better because we may not see you for a couple of months. It may be temporary, but it will help you forget, just for a while. And at least you know how it turns out. And just so you know, you can even find books about Pokemons! Achievement unlocked!


#3 (If you want) Stay away from the internet (if you want, only if you want)


The United Nations says that to stop someone from accessing the internet would be a violation of human rights. So, if you’re attached to your phone, live and breathe on a mobile device, get an ebook. Because if you’re going to block my way while I’m driving or walking, I’d rather you be reading than texting. If you can catch Pokemon on your ‘fon’, you can catch a breather by being a reader.

Since I can’t tell you to stay away from the Internet, you may as well use that time to beef up your skills via makeup tutorials. After all, we all need to slap things on to make our skin thicker in order to face the world better. 


#4 Scream into a Pillow


If something makes you upset or frustrated, take a deep breath and scream into a pillow. Not only will you relieve stress, you will also fluff up your pillow with all that extra air. If you’re still upset, scream again and again until you pass out. After all, you’re already in bed.  Wake up the next day and you’ll feel refreshed! The last time I tried it, I woke up feeling so fresh, I didn’t even need deodorant!


#5 Know that You’re Good Enough


If all the above fails, just know that you’re good enough. Good enough to get through the curveballs that life brings, good enough to face the world and all its cray.

Make a list of all the things that you like about you. I once tried that and I ended up with an entire novel, which took years to finish reading from cover to cover! By listing all the things that you like about you, you not only show yourself love, you reinforce to yourself that you are not just good enough, you’re way better!


Now put on that red lipstick and go conquer the world!  (Or at least, Jalan Bukit Bintang).


Image of Shelah courtesy of Timeout KL


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