Before you say “Aww, shucks!”, hear us out and you may be going #awwyis.

Have you heard of TinyPinc? If you haven’t, we’re here to enlighten you. The genius behind this venture is, according to the website, a pair of hands known as Ling (or maybe it’s a person, we’re not sure).

She (they?) uses polymer clay to make miniature food and figurines, which she turns into jewelry, magnets, key chains, and more! This is #foodporn at a whole different level.


Ang ku kuih bracelet (RM120.00) and magnet (RM55.00). The bracelet comes in 5 delicious, inedible colours. We are very sadcited.



Wearing breakfast on your ears is just asking for trouble. Tell your friends to get their own waffle or kaya and butter toast at RM40.00 a pair!



Some cupcakes look too good to be eaten. Some get turned into necklaces (RM40.00). And then you try your best not to lick them.



Get a rainbow cake bracelet for RM40.00 or make your own at TinyPinc workshops! Check out the website for updates.



We bet you dollars to doughnuts that one pair of these (RM40.00) is simply not enough!

You can also buy these goodies at epik-shop.

Disclaimer: Tongue in Chic is not responsible for any consumption of abovementioned delicious-looking products.


Image credits: TinyPinc website and Instagram.