Recently, we’ve picked up on an on-going trend. Lets refer to this trend as Haute Casuals, it basically occurs when people combine one-off/luxury pieces with basic street/sleepwear. I’ve found a way to categorise this trend into two sections – Luxury Sporty Casuals and Luxury PJ Casuals.

Haute Casuals

Now, trends like these tend to be a little tricky to get around. So we’ve come up with a guide on how to wear/combine your luxury items, whilst looking smart in the process.

Luxury Sporty Casuals
Achieving a luxe sporty look is pretty basic. All you have to do is throw on a cute pair of running shorts/boxers, and on top of that, a top from the louder section of your wardrobe, pairing it with some cut-out boots or strappy clogs. This also works if you have a sleek jumpsuit and decide to throw on a pair of fashionable sneakers – not too loud, not too casual; but people will definitely notice your unique sense of style!

Luxury + Sporty Casuals

1. Embellished Neo Geo Top, RM299, Miss Selfridge.
2. MOTO Gingham Boxer Shorts, RM166, Topshop.
3. BSK Track Platform Wedges, RM249, Bershka.
4. Black Petite Bar Tab Jumpsuit, RM299, Wallis.
5. BSK Sport Wedges, RM299, Bershka.
6. White Embellished Feather Cape, RM463, Wallis.
7. Apple Wash Panel Runner Shorts, RM56, Topshop.
8. BSK Open Strap Ankle Boots, RM319, Bershka.

Luxury PJ Casuals
I’ve always been drawn to the idea of using PJ’s as casual wear (Especially when I skip a laundry day or two). PJ’s are designed for comfort, but the cutesy prints and fun/quirky cut-lines makes it so hard for me to waste the look just sitting at home. So try on a button-down pajamas shirt, kick on a pair of printed denims, and you are ready to walk out in pure comfort! If you want to play it down a notch and not scream PJ Party, throw on an embellished/heavily decorated top over a cute pair of PJ shorts, and you can have a casual day out and about in the most stylish attire you’d least expect to wear for the occasion.

Luxury PJs

1. Cotton Sateen Shirt, RM225, Juicy Couture.
2. Printed Trousers, RM149.90, Bershka.
3. Cobalt Strappy High Wedges, RM183, Dorothy Perkins.
4. Coral Sheer Insert Embellished, RM163, Dorothy Perkins.
5. Mini Skort With Pockets, RM199.90, Zara.
6. Mel Nude Flat Sandals, RM176, Dorothy Perkins.
7. Linear Fishtail Top, RM375, Miss Selfridge.
8. Sleep Essential Shorts, RM125, Juicy Couture.
9. Crochet Sneakers, RM149.90, Bershka.

What’s your fave luxe casual look this season?

Image credit: The Haute Pursuit, Fashion Beans.