We’ve a week to go until we drive up the windy road leading to Genting for Urbanscapes and we still have no idea what we’re going to wear. We know it’s going to be a little chilly but how many layers is too many layers? We break it down for you below and hope you find some outfit inspiration:
Urbanscapes1Boots are definitely a must-wear. Or high-top sneakers, basically anything that’ll keep your feet warm and clean, most importantly. (I am still amazed that people wear flip flops to festivals that are guaranteed to have mud because that’s living life on the edge. I’m not about that life.)

Urbanscapes2Now, Malaysia’s unpredictable weather is no stranger to us and while it may be extra windy up in Genting, there’s a high possibility of it raining so definitely pack a raincoat or a hoodie to prevent yourself from getting wet and icky should that happen.

Also, bring a coat/jacket that has loads of pockets, that’ll save you from having to carry a heavy bag (and the smaller the bag, the less likely for your friends to ask you to keep their things).
Urbanscapes-3If you don’t want to wear shorts or jeans, opt for tights instead! They’ll keep you warm and are light as a feather.  However, should you choose to do denim shorts, knee-high socks would be the best option to keep yourself from whining about the cold. You know you will.

Wear tights if you don’t want to wear jeans or shorts.
+ Bring a raincoat or a poncho! The likelihood of rain is high.

– Wear flip flops.
– Use big bags – you need to be able to dance without carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

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3. Aviators, RM900, Ray-Ban
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Image Credit: My Tights, Fashionize Life, We Heart Fashion, Elle, All About Style, Polyvore.