Attending fashion shows one after the other is no easy task, but someone has to do it. Over last week at AFF, we were given the opportunity to sit through some of Singapore’s local designer shows and it was a great experience for me, especially since It was my first time attending a fashion show outside of KL. Here’s what went down.



This collection started out on a low note, with pieces that felt a little too basic and didn’t really have much element of design in them, but as the show progressed on, I found myself slowly falling in love.

The models sashayed out onto the runway in blacks, whites, greys and rusty reds, with a few crisp metallic pieces scattered throughout. Though the collection had some very feminine necklines and cinched waists, the silhouettes were very sleek; there was still a masculine air to it all with the designers’ use of cutlines, boxy shapes, and sharp, straight edges.



Hansel’s collection shocked me with its loud, clashing colours and over-enthusiasm from the models’ end, constantly stopping to hip-bump, high-five and take fake selfies with each other on the runway. Hansel’s main print – what looked like colourful christmas lights messily entwined together, appeared on almost every look and assaulted the audience’s eyes with its loud jarring mix of painful neons, though it looked fine when it appeared printed on white.

After receiving and having a look at the runway photos, I have to say that although I didn’t like much of the collection, this designer had some nice, simple silhouettes, and if it hadn’t been for the tacky styling (what’s up with the cincher belts and short gloves in too many colours), I might have liked it a lot more.



Evening dresses with hints of lace as well as luxurious fabrics were in abundance at Aijek’s showcase. This brand prides itself on its quality and workmanship, as well as its use of natural sustainable fabric sources, which was plenty of what we saw. I personally wasn’t a fan of her choice of lace, and the fact that some of her silhouettes weren’t very flattering even on the models, but what the designer lack in shape, she made up for by curating a gorgeous colour palette. The most memorable (and my favourite of the collection) was a long, draped, asymmetrical purple dress that closed the show.

EXHIBIT (featuring Curated Editions)


Though this collection consisted mostly of blacks and whites, my favourites were offset with soft pastel pinks and nudes and olives. The collection was smart and chic with a good mix of contrasts – both fitted and flared silhouettes, strong monochromes and soft pastels, cottons and PVC, girlish and womanly looks, but overall the blend was harmonious and brought together by its colour scheme. I also loved the delicate jewellery provided by Curated Editions that complemented Exhibit’s collection. Especially the fine tiaras that made the models look like princesses.

Which are your favourite looks and what do you love about these Singaporean designers’ collections? I’d love to know!

Image credit: Photos courtesy of Audi Fashion Festival