Launched three years ago, Parco Next Next is a retail zone at Parco Marina Bay that curates, nurtures and supports a selection of Singapore’s up and coming talent across all walks of fashion concepts. Every year, it gives these designers a chance to send their racks down the Audi Fashion Festival runway, serving it up on a global platform of buyers, consumers and untapped interest. This year’s Parco Next Next feature was an eclectic mix of energy, from a band of space cowboys to a seafarer’s club alongside bodycon S&M and androgynous fits.



Rêvasseur started the showcase strong and over-the-top, featuring manga mariners, riviera flirts and whimsical sailors in ‘Ships Ahoy’. While the collection was impeccably styled (love, love, love the paper boat hats), I have concerns over its marketability as separates – once taken apart, quite a few of the pieces seem to come across as neither safe nor statement-worthy.



Coupé-Cousu went far out, to infinity and beyond, for its Spring/Summer ’13 collection. Sharply tailored shirts and slim-fit slacks in patriotic colours, with specks, panels and buckles of gold evoked a sense of space cowboy sophistication.



KaeHana’s showcase was a true celebration of runway to real way, alternating models with friends and fans of the label in its model line-up. Here, 12 figure-hugging, curve-enhancing silhouettes marked in warrior digital prints reigned supreme, fluctuating in Resort and Summer colour ways.



To place emphasis on its andro-minimalist collection, 20:TwoThree sent models down its runway wearing masks to conceal their gender and identity. Pieces were monochrome, with slight imperfections in volume, texture and form to make up a highly relaxed and wearable fit. To a small degree, this made its sporadic mixed fabric panelling seem a little out of place.



WSDM sent down basic menswear in blocks of Crayola colours and sneakers to depict an ’80s New Yorker feel. Though seemingly outrageous, these separates make great statement pieces at second glance.



Lion Earl’s Spring/Summer ’13 collection, ‘Moon Crust’, combines harshly angled graphic print with swirls of clean, geometric shapes in skin-tight definition. Sleek racer lines and S&M harnesses make for a journey into space that’ll have tongues wagging.



Evenodd’s Spring/Summer collection saw basic staples reworked with patent pailetes and polka dots for a sporty futuristic twist on menswear. While the short shorts were a bit much, I was a fan of its trousers – in fact, the more I look at the collection, the more I think that girls would wear it much better than any men.


Inspired by tribal patterns and coded messages, Mash-Up rolled out a collection steeped in loud off-beat graphics and leopard printed denim. While I much preferred the collection it showcased last year, ‘Cyber Ndebele’ only reinstates Mash-Up as a powerfully relevant representative of pop streetwear in the region.

Image Credit: Jonathan Liu