This year, KLFW brought about a handful of exciting fresh takes, with hidden local talents showcasing collections for the very first time! We must give it to these designers – despite all the pressure and stress, each and every one of them successfully brought their own personal flavour to the bar; seizing the audiences’ attention from the moment the first model stepped onto the runway. While these designers were “newbies” to the whole FW experience, their hard work has paid off as they all certainly reached the high standards of the experienced designers amongst them! Congratulations to all!



While KLFW might have been Justin’s first proper showcase, he is definitely no newcomer to the fashion scene. Some of you might know him as half of Thisappear (alongside Joe Chia). Justin’s collection looked to take inspiration from the street, from baggy sweatshirts and graffiti prints placed strategically over some of his garments, to the chunky chains used to accessorise his looks with. I loved his structured silhouettes and all the variations of his skirt hemlines, my favourite being the spray-painted jacket that he turned into a skirt with the big clumsy buttons that ran down the front. Cannot wait until the next show!



Of course, Kittie’s first showing would be a huge success – what with her cute personality and kooky sense of style, we never would’ve doubted. Prints played a central role in her collection, and though it heavily focused on polka dots, her erratic infusion of tartans, stripes and cartoons were all just as vibrant and attention grabbing as the next.

Her silhouettes started off smart, but gradually evolved into large flowing skirts – each cinched at the waist to give shape to the body. Kittie’s collection had the perfect blend of ready-to-wear style and outlandish fashion that made up one killer show and reflected her personality perfectly. I can’t wait to be to grab some of those pieces for my own personal collection!



Maatin surprised us all when he burst onto the fashion scene and took us all by storm with his collection of beautifully designed shoes at Zakwan Anuar’s show last year. He’s done it once again after showing off his debut RTW collection at KLFW this year.

With a regal colour palette of navy blues, creamy whites and sparkling blacks, Maatin’s collection took on simple silhouettes with intricate prints and different sleeve shapes – my favourites being the clean, puffy sleeved outfit on Deanna, as well as the long creamy blazer over a full-length matching dress. His fabrics looked weighty and thick, and though his collection was very bare, he did a good job of playing around with textures and prints.

I have to admit that although I wasn’t totally blown away by the collection, there were definitely pieces that I would give an arm and a leg to have. There’s more potential to be seen from Maatin, and I can’t wait to see what else this designer will come up with in the future!



The words that came to mind were ‘fresh’, ‘organic’ and ‘chic’. Overall, the silhouettes and cuts of garments featured straight-structured tops, strapless bodices, high necklines, cropped fits and high-waist skirts.

In my opinion, the beginning of the show was the highlight of the whole collection! Featuring a basket weave texture with dyed blue and red stripes alternating with a natural beige, the first few pieces exuded a summery tribal vibe. Following this was a modern take on the famous ikat print; Najeeb mixed the ethnic trend and warm hues with contemporary elements such as short lengths and straight necklines, achieving an interesting combination. To end the show, nature burst forth onto the runway with earthy tropical prints splashed across mini dresses, finishing the show with a bang. Bravo!


Harvee Kok

Winner of Harper’s Bazaar Asia New Generation Fashion Designer Award 2013, Harvee Kok followed up with a debut collection for KLFW 2014: ‘Reincarnation Remedy’.

Consisting a variation of fabrication in monochromatic tones with an occasional pop of colour, Harvee Kok presented erratic poise and urbanity. An overall adaption of elegance, with the use of ruffles and dainty silhouettes across structured detailing, created a subtle contrast that contributed to the unique aspects of this collection. And as you must know, we love nothing more than innovative fashion.


Afiq M

Leave it to Afiq M to know what looks good on a woman and what flatters her body best! One outfit after the other, Afiq’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection could be described as a head-turner; we were each on the edge of our seats silently chanting for the models to not have any slips!

Spot on-trend with the high slits on the princess seams alongside pronounced colour blocking and daring leather gloves, Afiq retrieved a balance between mod and sex appeal. Owning the right ingredients to highlight confidence in every woman, by the mixture of satins and sheers that were evident during his showcase, you could sense the confidence and pride from the very first model that sashayed down the runway! Need a boost in self-esteem? Buy an Afiq M dress!

OPHÉLIE by Sean Loh & Sheila Agatha Wijaya

Ophelie 1

Raffles Singapore graduates, Sean Loh and Sheila Agatha Wijaya, joined forces to create an exceptional collection; one of my personal favourites from KLFW. The collection was filled with exquisite gold embroidery which took the form of soaring cranes, intricate lace fabrics as well as distinctive modern and kimono-inspired silhouettes, captivating the audiences’ attention to appreciate the fine textural details and clean, quality cuts of the ensembles.

Sticking to a classic colour scheme of black and gold, Sean and Sheila have achieved a level of sophistication and style like no other collection showcased. In addition to this, the sheen of the deluxe gold threads and strong structural shapes of some pieces, particularly the jackets, reinforced the element of finesse evident in the garments.

Ophelie 2

Ophélie was one of those rare collections where every single look was equally as stunning as the next yet still maintained a cohesive feel for the collection as a whole, with not a single look out of place. The cultural influence of Japan seen through the kimono sleeves, wide belts and cranes have been merged beautifully with contemporary style, including blazers, plunging V-necks and one bomber jacket, generating a truly unique and memorable show for all. I applaud the dynamic duo, it’s not everyday that one (or in this case two) can pull off an outstanding KLFW show as a first-timer!

Text credit: Amanda Ong, Kathryn Rao &  Zoé Ng
Image credit: courtesy of KLFW 2014