Now that we’re back from our hectic week in Singapore, we have so much to tell – we’ll start off with this year’s capsule collections from the winners of Audi Star Creation 2013. The last time I attended AFF was back in 2012 to support my friends and classmates who had been chosen to be in the finals of Audi Star Creation. A lot has changed since we were in Singapore two years ago, but only for the better. With better competition and bigger talents, we had the chance to see last year’s winners grow in skill, and expand their creativity. Here’s what went down.

Vu Ta Linh, 27, Vietnam


Hailing from Vietnam, Vu Ta Linh’s collection, Indigo, was inspired by a song of the same name with the lyrics, “Say what you want to say, do what you want to do”. The designer explained that his freedom to be original played a big role as inspiration, helping him develop his capsule collection and its colour palette.


From start to finish, Vu Ta Linh left me wanting more, with his oversized, draped silhouettes and cross-over kimono-styled necklines and sleeves that were mostly cinched at the waist to give shape to an otherwise baggy form. Though his fabrics were mostly heavy wools and knits, which gave his garments a lot of volume and weight, he added in organzas and some softer cottons and linens for femininity, as well as the occasional floral piece to lift the otherwise androgynous collection.

Overall, the collection consisted black, whites and greys, with the occasional appearance of dusty blue and dark forest green, but was dotted with a show of yellow and pink in his floral prints that gave a softness to some of his bold, structured looks. I loved every one of his pieces and my fingers are crossed in hopes that we see more from this young designer in the future!

Sun Yijin, 25, China


Sun Yijin’s collection, entitled ‘Winter’, was inspired by the four seasons with a colour palette that followed after due to the fact that she had always lived in seasonal cities before moving to Singapore. Yijin’s brand, Ksanyusun, is a translation of and a way of recording her thoughts and fashion encounters.


The collection started out crisp and fresh with satiny white pieces stamped with her own flower design, with hints of orange and green that followed after. The collection was extremely feminine, starting off delicate with soft fabrics and flowing skirts that descended into more structured heavy knits with bright colours, big pockets with flaps and her signature flower print becoming increasingly louder as the collection went on.

The collection was modern and clean – beginning soft and girlish and ending on a more upbeat and urban note. I enjoyed myself thoroughly watching these new designers and coveted every piece from their collections. I can’t wait to see what this year’s winners will have in store for us next year!

Image credit: courtesy of AFF