We’ve spotted quite a few trends and taken you through some of our favourite shows over the course of the last week since we got back from attending AFF 2014 in Singapore, but sadly we’re down to the last three designers.

Prints, embellishments and embellished prints – that’s what we have in store for you in today’s Runway Report, so be ready to be dazzled and wow-ed by the sparkle, glitz and glam these designers brought to the Audi Fashion Festival Runway.



Ashley Isham’s collection was partly inspired by the English countryside and its gentle beauty, which was translated into delicate floral prints in a soft colour scheme, though I felt the other colours and elements contrasted harshly with his genteel garden theme.

The collection started out with bright bold colours with structured, sophisticated silhouettes that slowly transitioned into beautiful, flowing gowns. Tassels and plaids were used to show modernity and give his collection an air of sophistication.


Scattered between his floral collection were beautiful mens looks — suits with sparkling embellishments that crawled up around the shoulders of the male models and caught the light perfectly as the models strutted cooly down the runway.

The show ended with a bang as all the models walked out once more for the finale and fell dramatically to the ground among the feet of the guests in the first row, feigning death. What a memorable show it was!



Priscilla Shunmugam did well on her last collection, so I was excited to see what 2014 held in store for us. The runway started off with solid coloured fabrics — mostly pastel blue and yellows with flared sleeves that ended at the elbow – Chinese collars and fitted skirts, which gave the overall look of a cheongsam with a twist.

Although the silhouettes remained consistent through the showcase, with minor details that varied from time to time (some long puffy sleeves and a sudden A-line dress, which also happened to be my favourite look), I felt if it weren’t for her use of layering retro patterns, which gave the collection a slightly nostalgic feeling, it would’ve fallen flat.


The collection’s silhouettes looked ill-fitted and unflattering even on the models. Perhaps if her styling had been different, or if her garments had been tailored to fit a little better, I might have thought differently. But with all that said, the brand has come a long way, and there were many people who enjoyed the show more than I did (my editor included). Maybe I’ll agree more with the designer in 2015.



Farah Khan’s signature glamed-up embellishments were definitely present during her F/W showcase and I just couldn’t get enough. From colourfully warm tones to black and white monochromes, every new look that appeared on the runway made my mouth salivate for more. Inspired by the ’60s, the designer used long shift dress shapes, combining them with her signature bling at came in frazzling, geometrical shapes.


The looks carried weight, and while I thought that Farah Khan could surprise me no more since she seemed to keep recycling her motifs and beads, I was proven wrong. The collection was modern, yet managed to retain an air of luxury and glamour. Hats are off and my wallet is open, so just take all my money!

Image credit: courtesy of Audi Fashion Festival