It’s the end of a smoke-hazed, whisky-fuelled era. After seven seasons, the last ever episode of ‘Mad Men‘ airs this week! While the lives of the characters may still be in disarray, at least we can be sure that their fashion choices will be on point. ‘Mad Men’s amazing costumes of the 1960’s have kept us enthralled from the start. Here are some of our favourite looks from the show’s leading ladies:

Joan pink dress

From a senior secretary to a single mother, and then a partner of the ad agency, Joan Holloway Harris has had heartwrenching decisions to make at times. But she always knew how to sell her assets: this pink dress is classic Joan from early ‘Mad Men’. It’s figure-hugging, jewel-toned, and emphasises her hourglass figure. Also, we love her striking pendant necklaces – her armour.

joan boot

That time Joan decided to start wearing boots, and won ‘Mad Men’.

Peggy suit

Peggy started out ‘Mad Men’ as a timid secretary. By season 7, she’s busting her copywriters’ balls as their boss. Her initial clothes were plain and unflattering, playing on her character as a country mouse in the city – but she eventually found her own variation on the power suit, with strong collars and classic colours.

Peggy Season 7

This is how we want to remember Peggy: updated preppy look, and drunk on her first day at a new job.

Betty field trip

Ah, that sad field trip where the mother-son bonding was cut short by Betty’s temper. At least she looked great in her pastel pink suit. Betty Draper’s fashion choices are always about elegance and refinement, embodying the suburban housewife of the late 1950’s.

Betty in Italy

When Betty and Don went to Italy, they were trying to escape the realities of their troubled marriage. Betty dressed like a smouldering movie star, as they played strangers to one another.

Betty and Glenn

We also loved seeing ‘off-duty’ Betty pairing pastel blouses with floral shorts – a nod to her childish side.

Megan and Don

When Megan came on the scene in season 5, her clothes announced a new type of woman in the world of ‘Mad Men’. She’s part of the swinging ’60s generation, wide-eyed and up for a good time. This hot pink dress, inspired by Pucci, gives off extra LA glamour.

megan mad men

The longer Megan stayed in LA, the more psychedelic her prints became – and the bigger her hair.


This is the moment when we realised little Sally Draper was all grown up. *Sniff*. Oh Sally, we hope you get your own spin-off show set in the 1970’s.

‘Mad Men’, we’ll miss you, but we’ll miss your women even more!

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Image credit: AMC