I’ve been a fan of Sazzy Falak since my high school days and had the great opportunity of modelling for the launch of her Street Exclusive line back in June last year, so I was pretty much stoked when she personally called me up to shoot for her latest Street Fiesta lookbook and campaign. You can tell that Sazzy is really passionate about her venture into the clothing business, and her team is a close-knit group of girls who seem more like family than co-workers.


Hair and make-up started at 10am with Shahnaz of Facekraft – simple fresh make-up and hairdo for me, while Annatasha had crazy colours sprayed into her hair. I find myself holding my breath when clients are deciding what to do with my hair lately – I don’t think it can last through much more ironing and backcombing.


The recently launched Street Fiesta collection is geared towards music festivals with cute dresses, palazzo pants, crop tops and floral garlands – perfect timing for FMFA coming up in March. There were 40 looks altogether between me and Tasha, basically a whole day spent playing dress up.


It’s hard working around clothes, I always feel like taking all of them home, and before I know it I’ve spent all the money I’ve earned back on the stuff I modelled for … So I have to practice self-control. We wrap ahead of schedule, at 6pm then head off for a celebratory round of drinks!

The Street Fiesta Collection is now launched on Street Fashion KL.
Image credit: StreetFashionKL