We managed to grab some time off Afiq Mohamed’s busy schedule to answer a few questions regarding his label Afiq M, his up-and-coming feels towards showcasing at KLFW, and a little bit of his history and uprising as an aspiring 23-year-old fashion designer.


Was your childhood a particularly creative one?
My dad was a traditional dancer and I grew up in Rembau – a small town. I was determined to be a designer as early as eight years old, when I started sketching and imagining the clothes on women around me.

How did this interest ignite?
It started early on; constantly looking at fashion visuals, ranging from editorial spreads and campaigns to runway showcases. From there, I developed an interest in fashion – I wanted to be a part of the process, of creating those beautiful images from my point of view.


Take us through your journey — from your first job to eventually designing.
I studied fashion design and showcased my debut collection during my final year. Right after, I launched Afiq M to produce my own collections, and made-to-measure orders from clients. I was the creative director of Kree in 2013, and am currently fashion assistant to Syaiful Baharim, while still spearheading Afiq M. It has always been fashion – I cant imagine my life without fashion!

What as been your greatest achievement so far?
To be able to showcase at KLFW. I’m so grateful to be showcasing this year – it’s a great opportunity  to work with some amazing people in the industry.

What inspires your designs?
Women. They always inspire me – their curves, femininity; the way they move. I always imagine my clothes and the way it will look on them.


Take us through your current collection for KLFW.
This Fall/Winter collection is very feminine, but at the same time edgy. I still focus on the women body, with sexy elements.

Do you know which KLFW models are scheduled to wear your designs?
Models play an important role in presenting the clothes to the audience. I am close to many local models, whom I adore; I really hope they will be wearing my clothes.

Describe your workspace, and why it’s more conducive to you in terms of productivity and creativity.
I just moved into a studio apartment; with this amazing view of the city and nice surroundings – I find it very easy to be inspired there. Just me and my world.


What does 2014 hold for your label?
With KLFW, I hope to gain more exposure and share my work with larger audiences, and to bring my label to the next level by establishing a proper studio and its own boutique.

What are your favourite and least favourite things about being a designer?
I grew up wanting to be a designer, and now I am. I still love every bit of it, especially when designing a collection.

My least favorite part of being a designer is the acceptance of Malaysians towards local labels/designers, but I think they will slowly accept it and be more open towards young aspiring designers with their ideas, and be more supportive.

How do you feel about showcasing along various other established designers at KLFW?
We have such a small industry in Malaysia; I’m excited and honoured to showcase at KLFW alongside other more established designers. I think every designer showcasing has a different direction, so it will undoubtedly be a very interesting and diversified showcase, and I look forward to it.

Image credit: courtesy of Afiq M