On the heels of the Good Vibes line-up announcement, I got a little ahead of myself, and decided to try on the ultimate music festival must-have – the fringe top. Super simple and cost-efficient (yay for upcycling!), here’s one way to update that well-worn T-shirt you’ve been debating on throwing away three spring cleans ago.

Things you’ll need:
+ An oversized tee
+ Scissors
*Optional: Beads (to insert on fringe before tying the knot)


Step 1: Lay the tee down on a flat surface, and cut off its hem.


Step 2: Determine your fringe length, and start cutting out strips. TiC Tip: Put on the tee to mark it, to properly gauge exactly how much of your midriff to bare.


Step 3: Pull the strips/fringe to create a more natural flow …


Step 4: Then, make some knots  (*You can insert beads at this stage, if you would like a more detailed fringe). Then, cut the hems off the sleeves – just so it looks cohesive with the rest of the rugged fringe look.


And there you have it! Style it up with a pair of shorts and start twirling around. ^^
Complete the look with a couple beauty tutorials made to rave here and here.