What better way to start off our previous weekend than with So You Think You Can Style? Our styling challenge with Parkson this time ’round was bigger and better than ever. Here’s how it went down – perhaps it’ll give you pointers on how to win the judges’ hearts and hefty Parkson prizes at next year’s competition!


What: Parkson teamed up with us to host So You Think You Can Style, where contestants battle against each other in a styling challenge, with just 10 minutes to style their models.

Where: Level 4, Parkson, Pavilion KL.

Hosted by: Local stand-up comedian, Kuah Jenhan.


The prep: Once all the teams arrived and assembled, they were brought into the Personal Shopper Room to get briefed on the event’s itinerary. After that, they had to fill in the forms given and pick out their team number.

Shortly after, the models were brought to the runway platform to get briefed, and were then brought to Level 3 for make-up by RMK and Kanebo, whilst the stylists had breakfast. Around 1pm when each model was completely dolled up, the 15 teams gathered and mingled around waiting for the competition to start.


On the agenda: Once the competition started, at 2pm sharp, the teams quickly ran to the competition’s clothing racks and were fighting like savages to get hold of five items under two minutes. Once the two minutes were up, they had to go to their respective changing rooms and style up their models within 10 minutes.

The models weren’t allowed to use their own clothes for the challenge; they had to put on the garments that the stylists picked out for them, including bags. However, to enhance their outfits even more, they used their own accessories and shoes, which they packed from home.


Who: The panel of judges, head of Parkson, celebrity stylist Cris Yong, and our very own editor-in-chief, Claudia Low. It was an open event, so a crowd quickly assembled behind the judges’ table.


On the playlist: DJ Mikey played fresh tunes to keep the mood going.


TiC Picks: These are four of the looks I loved – chic and edgy, these teams weren’t afraid to mix and match different prints and layers. The stylists did a pretty darn good job at styling their models!

One by one, the team numbers were called out, and the model from each team got a chance to strut and flaunt their outfits. Most of them never had any experience in modelling, but they did an amazing job at walking down that runway and posing for the judges!


The results: Congratulations to the Top 3 winners: Team 10, 11 and 4! Team 11 went all out in creativity, transforming a cheongsam into a skirt, and a dress into a headscarf! Team 10 went for a rock glam look, pairing dark prints with hints of neon accessories. Team 4 used menswear pieces to make up a feminine look, then toned down the outfit with a checkered top as a cape.


Congratulations as well to the other teams, everyone did their very best; the most important thing is everyone had fun. Until next time, in 2015!

Image credit: Emma Shazleen