Being an alumni of Raffles College KL, I have yet to miss one of its showcases since 2010, and whether I’m talking about student presentations or behind-the-scenes work, I can say that I’ve yet to attend one that’s disappointed me (I’m not at all being biased, I swear!). For this year’s theme, ‘Magnetic’, which Raffles College of Higher Education defined as “having great power to attract and hold the interest of other people”, we went from the college’s 31st graduation fashion show to its exhibition in Fahrenheit 88. So just in case you missed either, we’ve got you covered.


This year, the exhibition ran from the 26th – 30th of March and was held at Parkamaya in Fahrenheit 88, showcasing the work of many young talented designers from Raffles’ wide variety of design courses – Fashion Design (FD), Fashion Marketing and Merchandising (FMM), Interior design (ID), Interactive Media (IM), Visual Communication (VC) and Jewellery Design (JD).

Fashion Marketing students were broken up into four teams and showed off their business ideas by giving us a look at their newly established mock fashion companies, complete with products, business proposals and even interior design plans for their mock-up shop!


The 13 graduating Interior Design students, featured their final projects, which were complete plans and designs of their very own boutique hotels with different themes such as Water Fantasy, Space Garden, Back to Basics, Modern European Classic, British Invasion and Bohemian Chic that suited each student’s different tastes.

Jewellery Design students worked within themes that were futuristic and whimsical and even some that related to going back to nature, by using ‘contemporary’ materials such as wood and 3D printed plastics, as well as more classic substances like silver and gems.


Next to the fashion show, which Kat has already talked about, my favourite part of the graduation exhibition is definitely the Interactive Media + Visual Communication student set ups. Having a great interest in graphic and multimedia, its always wonderful to see students artistic visuals and designs come to life, whether on paper or through a digital medium. The students showcased their final projects of branding and packaging and even created corporate identities for themselves!

There’s nothing I love more than fresh talent and being able to see it grow – what’s really not to love about brand new ideas, innovation and style? I hope this gave you some insight into the lives of design students and maybe I’ll see you at the next graduation exhibition, which should be sometime in September!


Image credit: Photos courtesy of Raffles College of Higher Education