Inspired by the wonderfully quirky cases at Kate Spade and Anya Hindmarch, Jessica Ling shows us how to take matters into our own hands when on a shoestring budget – here’s how to DIY your very own statement pouch. The choice of motif – be it print, your initials or a tagline – is completely up to you, but we’ve demonstrated the method here with gems to make a pretty, nifty jewellery case … Just in case you got something particularly sparkly for Valentine’s Day. 😉

Things you’ll need:
+ A clear, plain pouch or clutch
+ Velvet fabric stickers (they come in many colours, but we used black)
+ A cutter
+ Your choice motif


Step 1: Print out or draw your choice motif on a sheet of paper.


Step 2: Cut out and stick it onto the back side of the velvet fabric sticker.


Step 3: Cut out the motif using a blade or a scissors.


Step 4: Adjust placement before sticking on the velvet fabric sticker.


Step 5: If the sticker you bought isn’t strong enough, use spray mount.


Step 6: That’s it! Depending on the motif, start filling in your customised travelling kits with anything, from jewellery to toiletries!