With the weather constantly sunny and hot, popsicles seem to be the best way to beat the heat! The best part is, the popsicles sticks can be recycled to make these incredibly funky rainbow statement necklaces 아라시! So once you can’t take the calories, rest assured you can always wear remnants of your favourite summer treat.


Things you’ll need:
+ Popsicle sticks
+ Paint
+ String
+ UHU Glue
+ Sturdy scissors


Step One: Paint your popsicle sticks in any colour you desire and let it dry overnight 초등 수학 교과서. Plan a rough sketch or an idea of how you want your necklace to look like – you can go as crazy and funky as you’d like. Once it is dry, cut up the popsicle sticks using a pair of sturdy scissors 윈도우10 부팅 usb. Arrange them on a base (a long popsicle stick, that will ensure that it won’t break easy). When you are happy with the design, proceed with gluing it together with UHU glue and letting dry for a few hours 고결한 충돌 다운로드.


Step Two: Use any type of thick string of your choice or ribbon and glue it to the base of the popsicle pendant you just made 커스텀소녀. You can either use the leftover pieces of the previously cut up sticks, or you can even just cover it with fabric. Again, leave it to dry for a bit.

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You can also add more details to it using a Sharpie and drawing on tribal designs (or anything at all for that matter!) Short-term pmp. Like this:


Go crazy 나의 절친 악당들 다운로드! The possibilities are endless, and even if you make a mistake, you can always just grab another popsicle to devour – win, win.